Charts Screen Overview

Posted by Rob Spivey on August 21, 2023

The Charts screen allows you to visualise some of the data that is captured when your team uses Stream. 

Please Note:
Currently, you can only view vehicle-related information on the charts screen. However we are developing this feature further to allow you to review data about other aspects of your operation. 

How to view the Charts screen

Access to the charts screen can be enabled for individual users within your Stream account. 

Step 1: Enable the Charts Menu Item

From the main menu in the top right-hand corner of Stream, click ‘Users and Drivers’.

In the ‘Users’ list, double click on the user (or single click and press ‘Edit) to view their individual User Details.

In the popup window, click ‘Custom Settings’. 

In the Custom Settings popup, look in the ‘Menu Options’ section and make sure ‘Charts’ is enabled

With this checkbox enabled, the selected user will be able to access the Charts Screen, however, if the user is currently logged in, they will need to log out and log back in to Stream in order for the ‘Charts’ option to appear in the menu. 

Step 2: Go to the Charts Screen

From the main menu, click ‘Charts’.

You will now see the ‘Charts’ screen. ‘Vehicles’ is currently the only chart that is viewable as we work to develop this feature further. 

By default, this screen will show you data for the previous 7 days, however, you can use the data field pickers to select a different date range. 

Please Note:
The Charts screen uses data that is captured in Stream Analytics, where the data is only updated on a daily basis and not in real-time, so you will not be able to see data for ‘today’s date’. 

You can select a date range spanning up to a maximum period of one month. 


This ‘Vehicles’ chart will show you a visual overview of:

  • The status of all your vehicles
  • The number of vehicles checked in the selected date range
  • The number of defects logged in the selected date range
  • The number of checks completed in the selected date range
  • The number of vehicle bookings in the selected date range
  • And some scorecards including
    • Number of checks completed under the minimum specified time
    • The number of minor defects logged
    • The number of major defects logged
    • The number of registered vehicles in your account

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