Bringing logistics & transport management to SAP Business One

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One (SAP B1) is a cloud-based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, built specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

SMEs use SAP Business One to gain more control, with CRM processes, accounting tasks, business intelligence, real-time access to data and fast deployment (on-premise or in the cloud). The software system connects and streamlines your processes and, like Stream, is totally scalable to grow alongside your business operations.

About the Stream and SAP Business One integration

Stream and SAP Business One integrate seamlessly to provide control and visibility across all of your complex or challenging delivery and logistics operations.

It works by connecting your logistics data directly from SAP Business One into Stream using API integration. Stream then uses the data to help you plan and optimise your logistics; from orders to deliveries and collections. All tracking data including electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) is automatically exported back into SAP Business One, so you can accurately record data and process invoices.

Businesses who will benefit from Stream include those who:

  • Deliver goods and products using their own vehicles
  • Provide assembly, installation and fitting
  • Deliver emergency parts and repair services
  • Have longer lead times from order to delivery and need to notify customers of progress.

Solving your immediate logistics and delivery challenges

• Plan and automate your best delivery routes multi-drop deliveries and collections
• Real-time driver tracking and Proof of Delivery through the mobile App
• Improve customer service with proactive email and SMS texts
• Delivery slots, updated ETAs & order tracking reduces missed deliveries
• Keep on top of escalating delivery costs
• Achieve your fleets compliance and maintenance requirements
• Gaining full digital audit trail with barcode scanning capability for all your logistics data
• Creating fast, safe and compliant delivery solutions
• Enable full integration of your logistics operations into your current SAP system.

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How to integrate SAP Business One with Stream

For businesses already using SAP Business One as their ERP system, it’s easy to build an integration with Stream through our API.

Over the years, we’ve worked with both SAP Business One partners and end-user businesses on those integrations, helping to support the process from start to finish.

Why connect SAP Business One with Stream

  • Integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One
  • Optimise your logistics operations with KPIs and real-time tracking data
  • Manage your fleet maintenance compliance requirements
  • Reduce delivery errors and improve customer service
  • Gain 100% visibility of deliveries and capture ePOD
  • Easily plan multi-drop delivery and collection routes.

To get started with SAP Business One and Stream, request our API documentation or get in touch about scheduling an online demonstration.


SAP Business One partners we’ve worked with

You can also speak directly to SAP Business One partners who’ve worked with our API and have already connected SAP Business One with Stream.


An SAP Gold Partner, Codestone is one of the top SAP Business One partners worldwide. Codestone were the first partner to take SAP Business One to the marketplace when SAP launched it back in 2003, the first partner to achieve Gold status and are one of two Master VARs in the UK. They have over 300 implementations to date.

Learn more and get in touch with Codestone through their website

Signum Solutions

Exclusively specialising in SAP Business One for SMEs, Signum is a certified reseller and accredited SAP Gold Partner supporting businesses in the food & beverage, chemicals & coatings, wholesale, foodservice and manufacturing sectors.

Learn more and get in touch with Signum through their website

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