Walkaround Checks

It’s time to ditch your paper-based vehicle walkaround checks

Complete vehicle walkaround checks and report defects in-app, and build a complete vehicle check history.

Walkaround Checks & Defect Reporting

Looking for vehicle walkaround check & defect reporting software with a mobile app? Try our Stream Check Plan.

Walkaround Checks toolkit

Helping keep your fleet safe, complaint, and roadworthy

Software and mobile app for drivers to complete their vehicle checks and build full an audit history.


Complete vehicle checks

Drivers work through a list of checks using Stream’s mobile app.

Check history logged against each vehicle

Keep a full audit history of all completed checks for your whole fleet.

Customise your checks

Use our default checks or customise them as you want.

Create your own checks

Create your own individual checks to meet your requirements.

Create check types

Operate a mixed fleet? Create checks specific to each type of vehicle (or asset).

Check anything, not just vehicles!

Don’t limit your checks to HGVs, vans, or coaches. Check anything, from trailers and equipment to PPE.

Record details of accidents

Create custom accident checks to record all the necessary information from an accident.

Access vehicle checks at the roadside

Need to show proof of completed vehicle checks at the roadside? Our app stores the last 10 checks on the device even offline.
“Stream Check is very easy to use for our walk around checks and defect reporting. There’s less paperwork and much better communication between drivers and mechanics. “
N J Oxley
“Stream gives us instant access to vehicle checks, and enables us to track repairs through the system. Very user-friendly walkaround check system.”

How it works

Completing vehicle checks and reporting defects

Log into the app
Drivers simply login into the app with their unique ID and select the vehicle and relevant check.
Complete vehicle check
Enter the vehicle mileage and then run through the vehicle check in the app.
Check histories
Once vehicle checks are completed you can be notified and a complete audit history is created for that vehicle.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle walkaround checks are the checks your driver should carry out on their vehicle before setting off on any run, to ensure that the vehicle is safe and roadworthy. This is a legal requirement for HGV and PSV drivers, and best practice for van and LGV drivers. Daily vehicle walkaround checks should also incorporate a system of reporting and recording defects, including how they were rectified.

Yes! You can replace paper checklists with Stream. Drivers can complete their daily vehicle checks using the Stream mobile app on Android and iOS devices, and you can create and manage your vehicle walkaround checks in Stream using any web browser.

Details of every check completed are stored against the corresponding vehicles, giving you the ability to build up a comprehensive vehicle check history and audit trail for your entire fleet, for 18 months. You can use our Extended Data Retention add-on to increase the amount of time this data is held.

Yes! We have templates in our mobile app that are populated with the standard walkaround checklists recommended by the DVSA & RSA for different vehicle types, including HGVs, PSVs and vans. You can use these templates out of the box, or add custom checks relevant to your specific vehicles, business model, and industry.

Checks aren’t limited to vehicles. Create custom checks and check types (checklists) to check any equipment, plant machinery or PPE that your business uses. You can even create a custom check to use as an Accident Report to record the details of any incidents that occur out on the road.

You can export your vehicle walkaround checks reports and use them to measure performance and analyse your check data against your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and other business targets. You can access even more detailed data and reports about your vehicle checks using our Analytics add-on.

You can also export your vehicle walkaround checks reports as part of a compliance exercise, or an audit trail of walkaround checks that have been completed.

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