Bring warehouse & transport management together with Mintsoft & Stream

Part of the Access Group’s portfolio of warehousing and online fulfilment software solutions, Mintsoft provides order, warehouse and shipping management systems to the wholesale retail and online distribution markets.

Mintsoft’s suite of integrations is expansive, including e-commerce platforms, couriers, marketplaces (such as Amazon & eBay) & accounting systems.

In fact Mintsoft integrates with over 50 e-commerce platform integrations & over 50 UK & world-wide courier integrations as standard.

This makes it easy to manage inventory data across sales channels, and then to quickly fulfil orders via the most efficient and cost-effective option.

Designed and built by Mintsoft themselves, the integration brings your order, warehousing and transport management together into a seamless solution.

You can learn more about the Mintsoft and Stream integration here

Access accurate data

Mintsoft enables you to make sure stock levels are accurate at all times, across all channels. Order, inventory and delivery information is updated in real-time, and the cloud-based nature of both systems means that users can access the information they need from anywhere, at any time, on any device with a browser.

Access to accurate inventory data cuts the risk of human error that results in misplaced stock, unfulfilled orders, and costly dispatching mistakes. As well as improving operational efficiency, having access to accurate delivery data also improves customer service levels.

Build customer loyalty

One of the key benefits of Stream is in helping businesses to delight (and retain) customers by enabling them to provide excellent customer service – and Mintsoft is no different.

Online retail is driven by excellent, personalised service, and businesses success is dependant on customer reviews. Mintsoft integrations allow you to meet the customer where they are – both in terms of sales channels and delivery options. By always having access to accurate and up-to-date order information, your team is able to quickly resolve any queries that come up – and maintain customer loyalty.

Grow your business

Being cloud-based, both Stream and Mintsoft are able to scale up or down with the needs of the business. Whether that’s a startup or a growing business, or one that’s diversifying into new revenue streams, integrating Stream with Mintsoft gives you access to the technology needed right from the start.

The bigger a business grows, the more complex its requirements get. Both Mintsoft and Stream can quickly scale with business operations, or replace poorly-supported legacy systems, that are no longer fit-for-purpose.

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How the Stream and Mintsoft integration works

Mintsoft has literally hundreds of integrations available. Inbound integrations, with the likes of Amazon, eBay and Shopify, take sales order data from those sales channels through to Mintsoft. Outbound integrations take order information from Mintsoft all the way through to delivery:

Getting the order

Mintsoft receives order information This can be done:

  • From a channel integration
  • Manually over the phone or via email
  • Through integration with an accounting system (like Sage or Xero)

Making a shipping decision

Mintsoft then takes order information – like size, weight and service level – and helps you to make the decision about how you get the items to the end-user. Based on the most efficient and cost-effective way to get the goods to the customer.

This could be via one of the standard integrations with the major parcel and pallet carriers, or to Stream for those deliveries made via your own vehicles.

Then the order goes out to logistics – for picking, packing and shipping.

Picking the order

Using Mintsoft, the order is picked from the warehouse ready to be dispatched.

This can be done individually per-order, or in batches for increased productivity.

You can also use barcodes and scanners, to improve accuracy, speed and compliance right across your supply chain.

Packing the order

Mintsoft creates the shipping label, based on the carrier – with no need to manually key-in data.

Again, packing can be done on a batch system, or one at a time, depending on your needs.

Shipping the order

You can then send the order out for shipping – either via a 3PL/carrier, or with your own fleet of vehicles.

If you are delivering in your own vehicles, order data is pushed through into Stream, for your transport planners to route and optimise.

Delivering the order

When you deliver in your own vehicles, you have full control and visibility over every aspect of the delivery process.

Drivers use the Stream mobile app to collect and record electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) information. This data can then be send back to Mintsoft, so the order is marked as complete, and your team always know the exact status of any order.

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Using Stream with Mintsoft gives you traceability, visibility, and accountability through the entire order-to-delivery process. Schedule your demo, or contact us to learn more.