Order Management

Managing your orders for fulfilment in Stream

Complete visibility of all your order & delivery info, including order details, delivery tracking, and status updates.

Order information

Information on every single order, all in one place

View order details, such as delivery locations, line items in the order, and service levels etc, plus status updates as that order moves through planning, loading, & despatch, all the way to final delivery.
Order search

Quickly find the status of every order

Your transport and customer service teams (and anyone else internally if you wish) can easily search for - and find - the latest update on your orders and answer queries quickly without having to chase drivers for information.
Self-service order management

Enable your business partners to view and add their own orders

Want to give your key customers and business partners the ability to view and upload their own orders directly to your Stream account? Create them as a Stream user (and only give them access to the functionality you want).
Integration and upload options

Getting your orders into Stream with minimum effort

Save time getting your orders into Stream by using one of our existing integrations, or create your own using our API. You can also upload orders by sFTP or CSV, or create them manually right within Stream.
Job costing

Pricing engine built-in

Get rid of complicated spreadsheets and generate prices automatically based on custom set-ups and configurations taken from your rate card. Save that pricing as a quote if needed.
Manage order types

Click & collect & subcontractor orders

Assign orders to be collected by customers in-store or at your trade counter with associated barcode scan and order completed. Give subcontractors access to view orders they’re handling on your behalf.
Order Management toolkit

Order management for your logistics operation

Add, view, and manage all your order information and track them through the delivery process


Search, filter, & find orders

Use a wide range of criteria to search, filter, & find all of your orders.

Easily import your orders

Use an existing integration, or use our APIs to create your own. Or import order information using sFTP, CSV, or manually.

Order information and status updates

Find all the information about an order and a history of all status updates.

Let partners add & view orders

Delivering on behalf of other companies? Let them view and add their own orders.

Track orders to delivery

Quickly see how orders are progressing through the delivery process.

Monitor & report

Access and download detailed reports about your orders to measure against your KPIs.

Data retention

We store order information (including PODs) for up to 18-months, with the option to extend for up to 6 years.
“With Stream, our customer service team can take a call, quickly search for an order and in most cases answer that question immediately. That’s if they even need to call at all.”
The Wardrobe Store
“We have dramatically improved the efficiency of our deliveries. We now process double the orders that we were two-years ago and continue to grow.”
Pavilion Broadway

How it works

Streamline your order management

Manage your orders from the moment they're received, right through to the delivery being completed.

Add orders to Stream
Use an existing integration, build your own, upload CSV files, or manually create them.
Track all your orders
Quickly search for order information and keep track of status updates from start to finish.
Make customer service your superpower
Fast access to order information enables you to answer customer queries about their order quickly and accurately.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

An order management system, or OMS, allows you to store order and delivery details in one location, giving you full visibility of order details and delivery information so you can easily search for orders and answer queries quickly.

Stream gives your transport and customer service team a centralised view of all orders, including key product and location details and delivery information. This eliminates the need to search through multiple sources. Order search enables your teams to filter and search for orders based on specific criteria like customer name, order numbers, retail partner, service levels or postcode. Quick access to order details allows the transport and customer service teams to answer customer inquiries regarding deliveries promptly and accurately.

There are several ways to upload your orders into Stream:

  1. Directly via one of our integrations (like Brightpearl, Mintsoft, Unleashed, Sage, OrderWise, SAP BusinessOne, Shopify, Veeqo or Xero)
  2. Using a process automation platform (like Codeless or Zapier)
  3. Creating your own integration using our API documentation
  4. Manual upload via CSV or even creating individual orders inside Stream.

You can search for any specific order based on a wide range of criteria, including customer name, postcode and order number. You can easily view multiple orders or even individual ones to answer customer questions efficiently.

Yes! You can give your customers or business partners the ability to upload their own orders directly into your Stream account by creating them as a user in Stream and limiting the functionality that they have access to. You can even give subcontractors access to Stream which allows them to view only the orders that they’re handling on your behalf.

Order details for all completed deliveries & collections remain in your Stream account for 18 months, but you can use our Extended Data Retention add-on to increase the amount of time this data is held for.

Plan less, deliver more.

Slash your route planning time, cut your delivery costs and exceed your customer’s expectations.