September 2019

Consolidated deliveries / collections and signature capture in the mobile app for drivers

Speed up the process of delivering / collecting orders from the same location with the ability to group orders and capture a single signature for that group. Learn more.

August 2019

Improved label format

Includes QR code and barcode, more space, more information & faster barcode scanning. Learn more here

User management

Improved User and Driver management which enables you to add, maintain & manage your users and drivers. Learn more

Master runs / milk runs

Enabling Stream subscribers to plan, manage & optimise master runs for fixed routes & milk runs. Learn more

Copy runs

Quickly copy any type of run including master runs or existing runs. Access the feature in Advanced Planning (within the Runs, Actions drop down list). Learn more


Automatically fill runs with unplanned orders, finding the best routes to put orders on. You can also automatically add an unplanned order in the best position on a specific run or multiple runs. Autofill matches unplanned orders to locations being visited and finding a route going nearby.

Autofill feature will be available in Advanced Planning (within Unplanned, Actions drop down list). Learn more about Autofill

Business partners (or customers for some users)

New Business Partners menu option to allow self service management of your partners who may need access to Stream. Learn more

Integration with Teletrac Navman telematics

See telematics data, detailed vehicle tracking & driver behaviour data natively in Stream through our Teletrac Navman integration. Learn more about telematics in Stream

Play runs

Step through the sequence of stops on a run to make it easy to see the route to be driven. Select a run and the Play/Pause button is available below the map. You can find this new feature in Advanced Planning.

Unplanned order search by service levels

In the Unplanned Search, you can now select more than one Service Level.


Restrict users to a single depot, plus easier viewing and editing of depot related information and orders.

Improved barcode Scanning

Additional depot scanning functionality with improved scanning at item level on deliveries. Scanning status shows in planning.

Check history PDF

Produce a PDF summary of Checks that have taken place (within check history select ‘Print’).

Check location recording

GPS location is now recorded for each Check that takes place (see the pin).

Want to find out more?

To find out more about any of the Stream releases and how to use them in your business, please contact Stream Support.


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