Release Notes

August 2023 (Part 2)

Vehicle Upload, Route Comparison, Charts, and a new what3words add-on, are among the new features and improvements in Part 2 of Stream’s August 2023 release.

Release Date

Wednesday 30th August 2023
In this release:


Compare Your Planned Routes with ‘Route Comparison’ 3623

We’ve added a new feature to the ‘Advanced Planning’ screen which allows you to compare up to 10 of your planned routes at once.

Comparing your routes can help you to identify any inefficiencies in the routes you’ve planned and even to see unplanned stops that might be nearby to one of the routes you’ve already planned.

Find out more about, and how to use, the Route Comparison feature over in our Stream Knowledgebase using the link below.

How to use Route Comparison >


Charts Screen: Vehicle Data 3861

The new ‘Charts’ screen in Stream provides a visual snapshot of data relating to your vehicle statuses, checks, defects, and vehicle bookings.

The Charts screen only shows vehicle-related information for now, but you can expect to see snapshots of your runs, stops and orders coming to the Charts screen in the future.

Find out how to access and use the Charts screen over in our Stream Knowledgebase using the link below.

How to Use the Charts Screen >

The ‘Charts’ screen in Stream provides a snapshot of data that’s available from our comprehensive Analytics database. If you’d like to see more of the data that’s available and create custom dashboards, you can check out our Analytics add-on here.

Vehicle Upload: Import Your Vehicle Details in Bulk 4166

We’ve added a new ‘Vehicle Upload’ feature in Stream to help you easily upload your vehicle details in bulk.

‘Vehicle Types’ need to be set up in advance of attempting a vehicle upload so that your vehicles can be categorised correctly when they are imported.

You can find out all about the new Vehicle Upload functionality, and how to use it, in the Stream Knowledgebase using the link below.

How to Use Vehicle Upload >


New Placeholders Available for Notifications 1816

We’ve added the ability to show additional placeholders within Email and SMS notifications. Examples of some of these new placeholders are listed below:

  • Service Level
  • Order type (Delivery/Pickup)
  • Item line details (Code/SKU, description, quantity, weight and volume)
  • Run details (Descriptions, planned Start/End times, Driver name, Vehicle info etc.)

Set ‘Prevent Sending SMS Messages Before…’ Time 4006

We’ve added a new field in Settings to allow you to prevent SMS notifications from being sent to customers before a specified time in the day. 

Read the Guide >


what3words Add-On for Stream 4111

We’ve created a new add-on for Stream enabling the use of what3words addresses, so that you can provide your drivers with a precise 3x3m location to help them make faster, and more accurate, deliveries & collections.

Interested in using what3words addresses to help you make faster, more accurate deliveries?

Find Out More >

Include the Day of the Week When Displaying Certain Dates 4181

We’ve updated a number of date fields in Stream to show you the day of the week alongside the actual date.

This has been added to the ‘Required Date/Time’ and ‘Planned Slot’ fields on the Order Details screen.

Location Attachments Indicator 4135

Weve added an icon in the Location popup to signify that at least one attachment already exists on a location. This will be shown by the paper clip icon next to the ‘Attachments’ button


  • Add ‘Route Info’ to the Scanning Exceptions report 4255
  • Improve internal logging/reporting 3881
  • Reconfigure the workfile database tables 4236
  • Add order number to “Retrieve Allocations for a Depot and Planning Date” GET endpoint in the Solutions API 4248
  • Return Load IDs in the response from the “Create a planning solution” POST endpoint in the Solutions Public API 4239
  • Add an option to update the email address for an existing contact in Order Upload 2868


  • Resolve overlapping event text in Order Details in the Car Transport variant of Stream 3679
  • Resolve an occasional issue on notifications when ‘Event Descriptions’ end in certain characters 3977
  • Resolve an issue with the ‘First Item’ column in the Selected Run section after selecting a trunk run 4205
  • Remove unnecessary ‘item notes updated’ event when creating a new order via Order Upload 3676
  • Resolve an occasional issue with the button used to access Order Search from Order Upload 3844
  • Add quantity to ‘Item Added’ event description in Order Upload 4186
  • Resolve an issue with creating planned stops with long durations in the Solutions API 4235
  • Resolve an issue when removing a previously selected ‘Advanced Planning’ tooltip option in Settings 4005
  • Accept case insensitive tags in Veeqo order creation process 4124
  • Improve error handling when requesting PDF reports that are too large 2723
  • Resolve issue with vehicle notes being duplicated in Vehicle Details 4281
  • Replace deprecated processes relating to vehicle and driver details retrieval in Solutions API 4012
  • Allow more exports to be created from the ‘Runs’ section when a run hasn’t been selected 3884
  • No longer recalculate latitude and longitude by default, unless requested in Order PATCH and Order Group PATCH services 4066
  • Improve handling of timeouts when large files are uploaded 3712
  • Resolve an issue with sequencing when saving multiple product barcodes 3579
In this release:

Feature of the Month

Visibility of Your Upcoming Vehicle Bookings

Keep tabs on any upcoming service, inspection or MOT bookings on your vehicles in the list and calendar views available on the vehicle details screen, to help ensure you never miss those crucial bookings.

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