Access Stream data in your BI tool of choice


Build your own dashboards, reports and KPIs


Make data-informed business and operational decisions

Powerful data at your fingertips.

Get a handle on your logistics data

Gain insights on your business operation and performance using all the data processed in your Stream account. Take a step back and get an overview of your business so you can spot patterns and see where you are performing well and, crucially, where longer-term improvements can be made.


Report using your BI tool of choice 

By taking an open approach, Stream Analytics delivers a unique database for each subscriber. Connect to your preferred BI reporting tool and build your own reports. Or we can create and deliver reporting, dashboards and visualisations for your business using Google Data Studio.

Answer the important questions

Stream Analytics can highlight and help you answer questions: 

  • What percentage of my deliveries were on time and in full (OTIF)? 
  • How many of my runs ran on time versus those that ran ahead of schedule? 
  • Which vehicles are major defects recorded on most often?



Stream data updated daily 

Stream Analytics Data is updated on a daily basis and, making it incredibly simple to view, analyse, and even compare the data that’s captured by your Stream account across different periods..

How Stream Analtyics Works for You

While Stream is busy managing your orders, deliveries, vehicles and drivers, it’s also collecting a vast amount of data on everything within your logistics operation.

With Stream Analytics you can access it, visualise it and report on it to make informed business and operational decisions.

Use your BI tool of choice

Build your own reports and KPIs

Drive better decision-making

How much does Stream cost?

Analytics is an optional add-on to your Stream monthly subscription. Subscriptions are based on the number of vehicles in your fleet.

Check out our simple and transparent pricing here and ask our team about the Analytics Add-On.



Add Stream Analytics to your Subscription

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What Else Stream Delivers

If you’re not already familiar with Stream, it delivers so much more than just powerful analytics…


Route Optimisation & Scheduling

Plan, optimise and manage delivery & collection routes, taking into account locations, traffic, total route times, vehicle capabilities as well as many other factors.

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Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) and Collection

Drivers can use the Stream Mobile App to capture electronic Proof of Delivery. For example recording signatures, notes and photographs, that are viewable on tracking links.

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Stream offers powerful order management & search and as a result you can quickly find any specific order using a range of search criteria.

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Walkaround Checks & Defect Reporting Built In

Drivers use the Stream Mobile App to complete walkaround checks and report defects. As a result you can identify and resolve problems before they become an issue.

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Track all your vehicles, drivers and orders

Follow the progress of your drivers, vehicles and orders on the day of delivery, allowing you to proactively engage with customers whenever there’s a delay.

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Back Office Integrations with your Business Tools

Stream has a wide range of existing integrations with popular business tools, or you can alternatively build your own unique integration with access to our Stream API

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Get Even More from Stream

Stream Analytics is just one of a growing list of add-ons we have available to help you run a better logistics operation.

See what else Stream can do for you.

From building your own customised forms, through to rugged mobile devices and HGV & commercial vehicle-specific turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

How do I access my logistics and walkaround check data in Stream Analytics?

With the Stream Analytics add-on, you can access your data in your BI (business intelligence) reporting tool of choice, be that Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, or another tool. If you don’t currently use a BI tool, we recommend accessing Stream Analytics data in Google Data Studio.

Is my data in Stream Analytics secure?

Stream is audited and certified to Cyber Essentials Plus and ISO 27001 and data is held in ISO 27001 certified data centres located in the United Kingdom and the EU. Learn more about our security policy here.
By taking an open approach, Stream Analytics delivers a unique database for each subscriber, with your own access keys, and it’s accessible directly from a specific, allowed IP address only. Stream Analytics provides read-only access in MySQL format and is managed by Stream.

How often is Stream Analytics data updated?

Stream Analytics data is updated daily, so you can visualise your data and spot trends and patterns that you might not have been aware of before. Real-time data on the status of your drivers, vehicles and runs updates throughout the day and can be accessed in Stream.

How far back can I access data in Stream Analytics?

You can set custom date ranges to view data from a set time period, whether that be yesterday, last week, the past 3 months or the whole year, and even compare to previous periods.
Stream Analytics looks at data in your Stream account from the last 18 months, but you can use our data retention add-on to increase the amount of time this data is held for.

Can I use Power BI to access my Stream Analytics data?

Yes! With the Stream Analytics add-on, you can access your data in Power BI to build your own reports, dashboards and visualisations.

Can I use Tableau to access my Stream Analytics data?

Yes! With the Stream Analytics add-on, you can access your data in Tableau to build your own reports, dashboards and visualisations.

Can I use Qlik to access my Stream Analytics data?

Yes! With the Stream Analytics add-on, you can access your data in Qlik to build your own reports, dashboards and visualisations.