Rugged ePOD Devices

Rugged ePOD devices for delivery drivers

Connect your drivers with reliable rugged ePOD delivery devices that boost delivery, collection and vehicle check productivity.

ePOD Delivery Devices from Zebra

The very best handheld ePOD devices for drivers

Give your drivers access to the very best handheld devices, so they can access the applications, tools and information they need, to get their job done.


Superior Performance

Superior performance even in challenging conditions

Scan barcodes faster, even if they’re damaged, poorly printed, sitting under shrink wrap or they’re in low light conditions in the back of a van or truck. Just the sort of conditions your drivers operate in every day.

Connected Workforce

Stay connected businesswide

Maximise information flows throughout the business, with resilient communication devices that are both secure and reliable.

Stream mobile app

Perfect for running Stream’s mobile app for drivers

Collect proof of delivery, scan barcodes, complete vehicle checks, report defects, and use communication apps, without worrying about device failure out on the road.

Built to Last

Devices built to last all day, every day

Delivery devices built to conquer the toughest conditions, whether out on the road or in the warehouse. Zebra’s rugged devices can survive multiple drops and tumbles. Their batteries will also last an entire shift without charging.


Device Support

Access award-winning support

Utilise your rugged device to its full potential with Zebra’s world-class technical support services.

Rugged ePOD device features 

What do you get from a rugged ePOD device?

The reasons why rugged devices are the best choice for delivery drivers.


Advanced barcode scanning

Accurate point-and-shoot scanning technology easily captures barcodes, even in challenging conditions.



A complete cellular network in addition to Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth connectivity provide dependable service on the go.


Superior performance

Instantly navigate through application screens and tasks with lightning-fast performance.


Advanced resolution display

Full HD multi-touch screens remain highly functional and resilient even in extreme conditions, including when wet.


High capacity battery

Battery life that extends beyond 12 hour shifts, with fast charging, and easily change the battery with Warm Swap Mode.


Capture payments

Support is built in for the new generation of payment solutions, including contactless.



Three high quality microphones, high-volume speakers, and noise-cancellation technology contribute to perfect call quality.


Device tracking

Integrated Bluetooth beacons and Device Tracker support allow users to quickly and easily locate missing or misplaced devices.


HD camera

High MP rear & front cameras capture detailed photos and videos for Proof of Delivery.

Zebra Devices

Zebra devices we recommend

A selection of advanced enterprise-grade devices packed with the key features you need for managing deliveries and collections.


Zebra TC26

Move beyond consumer-grade smartphones to Zebra’s TC26, delivering rugged design features built into a consumer smartphone price point.

Zebra TC27

The Zebra TC27 builds on the highly successful TC2x Series, to deliver smartphone styling and pricing, but with big business features.


Zebra TC5 Series

The TC5X Series includes two of the best-selling enterprise rugged handheld mobile computers on the market, the TC52 and the TC57.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For some operations, a consumer smartphone might be the right tool for the job. But for those who need a more robust (drop-proof, spill-proof, and temperature-proof) solution, who need to lock-down the device, or who require extended battery power, an ePOD device is probably a better fit.

Not necessarily. An ePOD device can scan barcodes faster than a consumer smartphone — even when the barcode has been poorly printed or damaged, is under shrinkwrap, or is being scanned in low light conditions (such as in the back of a van). If drivers are only scanning the occasional, well-printed barcode though, a consumer smartphone will do the job.

As standard, we recommend 1GB of data per month as a minimum to run Stream (whether that’s on a rugged ePOD device or a consumer smartphone), though the exact amount will vary depending on your individual operation and requirements.

Not long at all — if they can use a consumer smartphone, they can use a rugged ePOD device.