Proof of Delivery (ePOD)

Capture Proof of Delivery in our ePOD app

Gain real-time visibility of deliveries, improve customer service, and eliminate paper-based proof of delivery forms.

Real-time visibility

Provide instant proof of delivery digitally

As soon as a delivery is complete and proof of delivery captured, Stream instantly updates the order and tracking screens with the details of who, what, when, and where the delivery was signed for.
Complete audit trail

Capture notes, photos, and signatures

Use our ePOD app to capture detailed notes, photo evidence and customer signatures, with events created every step of the way (time & GPS location stamped), to build a complete audit trail for every delivery.
Eliminate paperwork

No more paper delivery forms

Not only is electronic proof of delivery more sustainable than using traditional paper delivery forms, but you remove the chances of those important documents getting delayed or lost in transit.
Proof of Delivery (ePOD) toolkit

Your complete Proof of Delivery toolkit

All the tools you need to streamline your electronic proof of delivery & collection processes.


Electronic signature capture

Easily capture customer signatures at the point of delivery, with sign-on-glass functionality.

Photographic proof of delivery

Capture photographic POD as evidence of the delivery being complete, and the condition of the goods.

Record detailed notes

Capture detailed notes at the point of delivery, which will be added as an event against the order.

Barcode scanning

Build a complete audit trail for every item & order, with the ability to scan goods at every step, including on and off vehicles.

Time, date & GPS stamped

Proof of delivery capture is time, date, & GPS stamped, so you know exactly when and where it happened.

Adjust quantities & split line items

Adjust quantities in the Mobile App at the point of delivery or collection, to match the actual metered quantity delivered, or collected.

ePOD App

Stream’s mobile app for electronic proof of delivery is available on Android & iOS, as well as rugged ePOD devices.

Real-time status updates

Proof of delivery updates are available in Stream as soon as they’re captured in the app.

Proof of delivery PDF

Proof of delivery PDFs are automatically generated and can be downloaded from the customer’s tracking screen.

Delivery Notifications

Send automated delivery notifications to customers to confirm that their order has been delivered.
“We wanted a system to help us provide proof of delivery as we looked to deliver more products in our own fleet. Stream does exactly that. “
“Stream’s mobile app enables us to get a digital signature as proof of delivery and capture photos if there’s any issues. It also integrates with OpSuite. We rate Stream 5 out of 5.”
The Orchard

How it works

Streamline your proof of delivery process

How ePOD helps you provide better customer service and traceability of every order.

Capture photos & signatures
Drivers record notes, capture photos & customer signatures at the point of delivery.
Delivery status updated
As soon as proof of delivery is captured in the ePOD app, it’s instantly available in Stream.
POD available to customers
Customers can receive automated notifications about their delivery, and view details on their tracking screen.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

ePOD stands for ‘Electronic Proof of Delivery’. It’s a digital means of capturing delivery-related information such as notes, photos, and customer signatures, without the need for paper documents to be used, processed, and stored.

Yes! The Stream mobile app includes complete ePOD functionality, which allows your drivers to capture customer signatures, delivery photos & any associated notes at the point of delivery, and update delivery statuses in real-time.

Yes! Capturing proof of collection in the ePOD app works exactly the same as proof of delivery, with the ability to record notes, capture photographic evidence and electronic signatures.

Electronic Proof of Delivery in Stream can be captured using any Android or iOS device (both smartphones and tablets). Stream also supports the use of specialist ePOD rugged devices such as those provided by Zebra (if you’d like a quote for Zebra rugged devices just let us know). We strongly advise that you only use devices which are still receiving security updates for the operating system, as these are the devices we are actively supporting. You can find out more about this here.

Yes! As soon as your driver captures proof of delivery at a stop, the information is passed back into Stream and is then visible against the order, as well as on the customer’s unique tracking link. If the driver doesn’t have any phone signal when the proof of delivery is captured, it will be stored inside the app and pushed back to Stream once the signal returns to the device.

When your delivery driver arrives at the customer’s delivery address, they use any Android or iOS smartphone, tablet or specialised, rugged ePOD device to access the Stream mobile app. Once in the app, driver’s run through the proof of delivery process to capture all relevant information including the customer’s signature (sign on glass); photo capture (multiple images can be taken); scan barcodes and record the relevant status. Notes can also be captured at this point. All ‘events’ in the process are GPS location, time and date stamped to provide complete proof of delivery (or collection).

There are many benefits to your logistics operation of capturing proof of delivery (and collection if that is required). ePOD delivers greater levels of efficiency by removing manual data entry from paper forms to a digital record and it does, by its very nature, eliminate the need for paper in the first place (which comes with its own financial and environmental benefit). Capturing PODs digitally also reduces errors and means all the information is captured to ensure complete delivery information – and no information can be tampered with in the case of any dispute. As all information is captured and stored digitally and can be sent to all interested parties, there is a greater level of transparency and visibility in the delivery process.

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