What is Unleashed? And what does the integration with Stream deliver?

Unleashed provides manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers with complete control of their products, as well as real-time information across their suppliers, manufacturing, production, inventory and customers.

If you use Unleashed and deliver products in your own fleet of vehicles, integrating with Stream enables you to also:

Stream joins a host of other integrations with Unleashed, including Xero, Shopify and QuickBooks.




How the integration between Unleashed & Stream works

Pull information about your shipments out of Unleashed and into Stream to plan your deliveries, then push ePOD information back into Unleashed after the goods have been delivered.

  1. Create orders in Stream straight from Unleashed ready for optimised multi-drop route planning
  2. Once planned, you can send proactive updates to your customers on progress using SMS text messages and emails
  3. Using Stream’s mobile app for drivers, you can capture electronic proof of delivery, plus scan your products barcodes onto and off your vehicles for complete track & trace visibility
  4. Once each order has been delivered, you can send that POD to your customers and partners by email
  5. You also benefit from automatic status information updates about orders from Stream to Unleashed.

Information passed from Unleashed to Stream:

  • Each shipment in Unleashed is created as a ‘delivery group’ within Stream, with the item information taken from the shipment in Unleashed
  • Orders are created in Stream based on the sales order shipments within Unleashed. (Currently only supports Delivery orders, does not support collections or multi-orders)
  • Stream runs a check on orders in Unleashed based on the time they were updated. and any new orders are brought into Stream. This can be restricted to certain methods within Unleashed
  • Stream looks for any sales shipments in Unleashed and adds them to the relevant order if it already exists, or it creates a new order if it doesn’t already exist
  • Stream takes the addresses on the orders within Unleashed and uses this to create different deliveries within Stream. Order information can be added at various points in the planning process, for example when the delivery run departs or when the order is delivered
  • ‘Order date’ and ‘Order required date’ are both pulled from Unleashed into Stream
  • The ‘delivery method’ in Stream is created based on the delivery method set in Unleashed
  • The ‘stock location’ in Stream is created based on the item warehouse set in Unleashed
  • The ‘on hand’ date in Stream is set based on the day the delivery group is created within Stream

Information passed from Stream to Unleashed:

  • The Unleashed shipment is updated to ‘Placed’ when the delivery slot is confirmed within Stream
  • The Unleashed shipment is updated to ‘Dispatched’ when the group is delivered in Stream
  • The Unleashed order status is updated to ‘Complete’ once all items on an order have been delivered in Stream
  • Addresses in Stream are treated as the correct address. So if an address is changed once inside Stream, this will update the address in back in Unleashed
  • Set the ‘Sales Order Group’ in Unleashed at various points in the order to delivery process, for example when the route optimisation and planning process has been closed; when the delivery run has departed.

Unleashed Integration CTA

Designed for businesses who make, manage or move products

Put simply, inventory management software saves the time, resources (and inevitable mistakes) of trying to track everything manually.

Use inventory management software to track everything from the purchase to the receipt, to the warehouse to the sales and dispatch of that inventory. You can even include manufacturing if that is part of your process.

You have two options when it comes to tracking and managing inventory:

  1. Manual tracking, using excel or pen and paper
  2. Implementing an automated solution like Unleashed, which removes much of the manual workflow

Where you might now manually create sales and invoices, manually transfer that through to your accounting system, and have a convoluted process for running reports, a solution such as Unleashed allows you to automate the whole workflow.

You can quickly create product and customer databases, and then from there, you can very easily create orders to speed up all of your processes. Having all your data in one place in Unleashed also makes it easy to run very detailed reports. You can quickly see exactly what profit margins you’re making on certain customers and on certain products, with much better visibility into the performance of your business.

The key reasons to use an inventory management solution like Unleashed (over using pen and paper or a spreadsheet) are time, costs and resource savings, and the ability to get better information on how your business is performing.

What you get with Unleashed:

  • Up-to-the-moment visibility and control over your inventory, with accurate real-time reporting
  • A Sales Mobile App that empowers your team with the freedom and flexibility to strengthen relationships with your customers – wherever they’re working from
  • Software designed for manufacturers, with the ability to calculate an accurate finished goods cost, thanks to costed product assembly and disassembly, costed purchase orders, and bill of materials
  • The flexibility of product lifecycle traceability, with serial and batch tracking, for visibility over perishables and ingredients
  • The right stock in the right place, every single time, with functionality that lets you keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, locations, and consignments.

How Unleashed and Stream benefits your business

Businesses who will benefit from Stream include those who:

  • Deliver goods and products using their own vehicles
  • Provide assembly, installation and fitting
  • Deliver emergency parts and repair services
  • Have longer lead times from order to delivery and need to notify customers of progress.

Key benefits of integrating Stream and Unleashed:

  • Manage multi-stop deliveries & collections with your own fleet
  • Single & multi-depot route scheduling & trunking
  • Track drivers and monitor jobs in progress in real-time
  • Capture electronic Proof of Delivery & Collection
  • Barcode scanning at every stage in the delivery process
  • Real-time visibility improves customer service
  • Delivery slots, updated ETAs & order tracking reduces missed deliveries
  • Self-service order entry for B2B customers
  •  Walkaround checks, defect reporting & fleet compliance built-in

Using Stream with Unleashed lets you bring inventory, order and logistics management together. Schedule your demo, or contact us to learn more.