Brightpearl & Stream: working together to manage your retail & logistics operation

Delivering goods and products with your own vehicles? Optimise your delivery and logistics operations with Stream and deliver excellent customer service.

Stream is fully integrated with Brightpearl and is ready to be implemented in your business.

Our integration with Brightpearl delivers:

Manage your logistics with automated route optimisation for multi-drop deliveries and collections; real-time driver tracking; and Proof of Delivery with our mobile App.

Improve your customer service with proactive email & SMS texts.

Simplify the process of planning and managing single and multi-depot operations. Trunking goods between warehouse and store? No problem. 

Scan barcodes on and off vehicles to track items every step of the way with a full digital audit trail.

  • Manage multi-stop deliveries & collections with your own fleet
  • Single & multi-depot route scheduling & trunking
  • Track drivers and monitor jobs in progress in real-time
  • Capture electronic Proof of Delivery & Collection
  • Barcode scanning at every stage in the delivery process
  • Real-time visibility improves customer service
  • Delivery slots, updated ETAs & order tracking reduces missed deliveries
  • Self-service order entry for B2B customers
  • Walkaround checks, defect reporting & fleet compliance built-in
  • Automatically align channels in Brightpearl with specific partners or service levels in Stream.

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How Brightpearl can help your omnichannel retail operation

Companies operating business-to-business are constantly adding new partners, customers and sourcing products from new suppliers.

With every new channel or business customer, however, the business challenges and workloads increase. Product information and prices have to be added and maintained; inventory stock levels reconciled; orders processed and managed; and deliveries scheduled.

Plus, all that financial data from all those channels needs to be processed through an accounting system.

That is where Brightpearl comes in.

For retail businesses looking to accelerate their growth, Brightpearl offers built-in access to multiple retail channels via integrations with leading eCommerce platforms and online marketplaces such as Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Powershop, Amazon and eBay.

Learn more about Brightpearl’s omnichannel retail software here

With Brightpearl you can:

Process orders more efficiently

One central hub to manage orders across all of your sales channels and operations – improve customer service and satisfaction.

Increase purchasing power

Generate purchase orders with a single click and see purchase history, prices and margins for all suppliers in an instant – to make better buying decisions, lower costs and increase profits.

Stay in control of your inventory

Complete product and inventory management across all locations and sales channels to improve cash flow.

Improve customer service

Everyone in the organisation can access real-time customer information – including order status, history and previous interactions. This is on top of the collaborative self-service portal through Stream, which enables customers to enter, view and manage their own orders.

Make faster, better business decisions

Business accounting that gives real-time revenue and profit analysis for smarter and more informed decisions.

Minimise admin time and reduce errors

Seamless integration – and real-time automatic syncing – across orders, channels, partners & service levels, inventory, warehousing, customer data and accounting eliminates re-entering of information across multiple systems.


Accelerate growth and profits with Brightpearl & Stream

Integrated with Stream, it enables multi and omnichannel retailers, distributors and wholesalers to manage the heart of their business by combining orders, inventory, warehousing, customer data, logistics & transport management, accounting and reporting into a single, reliable retail management system.

Businesses who need to deliver products to customers; provide assembly and fitting; have longer lead times from order to delivery and need to notify customers of progress will particularly benefit from the Brightpearl integration with Stream.

Automatically plan and optimise multi-drop delivery & collection routes. Real-time driver tracking, barcode scanning & Proof of Delivery through our driver App. Send proactive SMS texts & emails to customers.

Create orders in Stream straight from Brightpearl ready for route planning. Send Proof of Delivery to customers by email.

Stream also passes status information about orders back to Brightpearl automatically.

Information passed from Brightpearl to Stream

  • Products: products created in Brightpearl are reflected in Stream.
  • Orders: Orders to be fulfilled with own vehicles are created in Stream based on a status change in Brightpearl. 
  • Orders with longer lead times: Stream can receive orders to be scheduled for future delivery, and be updated when the stock is allocated in Brightpearl, making the order “live” for delivery; or allocation of stock can be requested from the Stream order directly. Additionally, Stream also has an overnight process to automatically allocate out of stock orders when Purchase Orders are received in Brightpearl.
  • Goods out note: option to generate goods out note per order with stock and depot allocated. Specific delivery instructions can be added.
  • Channels: Bring channel information into Stream, and automatically assign a specific partner and/or service-level, based on the channel.

Information passed from Stream to Brightpearl

  • Orders: enable orders to be created in Stream and updated in Brightpearl.
  • Delivery tracking: customer tracking reference / link produced in Stream is available against that order in Brightpearl.
  • Order status: as orders and deliveries are processed in Stream (delivery planned / part delivered / delivered), see updates in Brightpearl. 
  • Proof of delivery: When a delivery is marked as completed in Stream, the proof of delivery is immediately made available in Brightpearl. 
  • Inventory levels: as products are delivered / part delivered through Stream, inventory levels are updated in Brightpearl.

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