Retail & Logistics Software for Omnichannel Growth

Stream Go is fully integrated with Brightpearl and is ready to be implemented in your business.

Companies operating business-to-business are constantly adding new partners, customers and sourcing products from new suppliers.

With every new channel or business customer however, the business challenges and workloads increase. Product information and prices have to be added and maintained; inventory stock levels reconciled; orders processed and managed; and deliveries scheduled.

Plus, all that financial data from all those channels, needs to be processed through an accounting system.

That is where Brightpearl comes in.

Integrated with Stream, it enables multi and omnichannel retailers, distributors and wholesalers to manage the heart of their business by combining orders, inventory, warehousing, customer data, logistics & transport management, accounting and reporting into a single, reliable retail management system.

Businesses who need to deliver products to customers; provide assembly and fitting; have longer lead times from order to delivery and need to notify customers of progress will particularly benefit from the Brightpearl integration with Stream.

For retail businesses looking to accelerate their growth, Brightpearl offers built-in access to multiple retail channels via integrations with leading ecommerce platforms and online marketplaces such as Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, ekmPowershop, Amazon and eBay.

Accelerate growth and profits with Brightpearl and Stream

Process orders more efficiently

One central hub to manage orders across all of your sales channels and operations – improve customer service and satisfaction.

Increase purchasing power

Generate purchase orders with a single click and see purchase history, prices and margins for all suppliers in an instant – to make better buying decisions, lower costs and increase profits.

Stay in control of your inventory

Complete product and inventory management across all locations and sales channels to improve cash flow.

Improve customer service

Everyone in the organisation can access real-time customer information – including order status, history and previous interactions. This is on top of the collaborative self-service portal through Stream, which enables customers to enter, view and manage their own orders.

Make faster, better business decisions

Business accounting that gives real time revenue and profit analysis for smarter and more informed decisions.

Minimise admin time and reduce errors

Seamless integration – and real-time automatic syncing – across orders, inventory, warehousing, customer data and accounting eliminates re-entering of information across multiple systems.