Turn GPS

GPS navigation for HGVs & trucks

Provide safe, compliant navigation for your truck, HGV, and commercial vehicle drivers, so they never take the wrong turn.

Commercial vehicle GPS & navigation

Always take the right route

Turn provides route navigation for your commercial vehicles based on its exact dimensions to ensure you’re never taken down the wrong road.
Speeding alerts

Enhance driving safety with speeding alerts

Drivers are alerted with both visual and audio alerts from the Turn app if their vehicle exceeds the speed limit while the navigation is active.
Real-time traffic visibility

Stay on schedule with real-time traffic alerts

Real-time traffic information displays on the navigation view and constantly searches for alternative, more suitable routes that can shave minutes off your journey.
Destination access intelligence

Provide destination access information

Any location-specific directions created in Stream can be used by Turn to make sure drivers are taking the exact route required to access destinations with unique requirements, for example, a specific direction to approach a delivery location entrance.
Turn GPS toolkit

Commercial vehicle navigation toolkit

All the features you need for safe, compliant navigation for trucks, HGVs, & other commercial vehicles.


Mobile app

The Turn app is available on the Google Play Store for Android users.

Truck/HGV/commercial vehicle routing & alerts

Truck, HGV, & commercial vehicle-specific routing ensures only suitable routes are taken.

Real-time traffic updates

Real-time traffic information displays in the navigation view, and alternate, more efficient routes will be offered where possible.

Stream integration

Destination addresses & vehicle limitations are automatically pulled from Stream to enable swift 2-tap navigation.

Dedicated support

Dedicated Turn specialists are on hand to assist you.

Light & dark mode

Choose your preferred colour mode and make your screen easier on the eyes, even when driving in the dark.

Speed alerts

Visual & audio speeding alerts further enhance driver safety.

Modern interface

Turn comes with a fresh, modern look with an incredibly simple user interface for drivers.

Simple workflow

Turn launches as the navigation from Stream, just like when using Google Maps or CoPilot.
“Stream has proven to be a valuable tool for our team, streamlining our processes and enhancing our overall efficiency.”
CX Telecoms Ltd.

How it works

The road to safer truck navigation

Get turn-by-turn navigation in just a few taps.

Enter vehicle specifications
Input the dimensions of your vehicle to enable tailored routes.
Confirm routing
Destination information is pulled from Stream into Turn, ready to go.
Drive safely!
Once the route is set, enjoy the benefits of real-time routing, traffic updates, speed alerts, and much more.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

While Turn has been designed to provide vehicle-specific navigation for HGVs & larger vehicles, it can also be used for navigation with smaller vehicles (like vans and LGVs).

Not yet — Turn is currently only available for Stream subscribers, who can automatically pull destination addresses and vehicle limitations from Stream into Turn GPS with 2-tap navigation.

Unlike generic routing software, Turn calculates routes taking into account your vehicle’s exact dimensions, to avoid narrow roads, low bridges, and other restricted routes that are unsuitable for the vehicle being used.

Turn pulls real-time traffic data from Google to display traffic information in the navigation view and constantly searches for alternative suitable routes that can shave 5+ minutes off your journey.

Plan less, deliver more.

Slash your route planning time, cut your delivery costs and exceed your customer’s expectations.