Delivery Notifications

Notifications that deliver

Engage your customers with automated updates so that you deliver on the first attempt.

Boost delivery success rates

Boost business by delivering on time

Send customers real-time delivery information, including driver tracking links, Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs), and information on every step along the order-to-delivery process, increasing the likelihood of a successful on time delivery.
Increase lifetime value

Turn first-time buyers into loyal customers

A positive delivery experience increases customer retention rates and builds brand reputation in the process.
Reduce administrative work

Less admin, more deliveries

Answer the question, ‘Where is my order?’ with automated delivery updates that reduce the number of status update inquiries, allowing you to focus more on your deliveries and customer service.
Delivery Notifications toolkit

Delivery Notifications features

The delivery notification features you need to boost business.


Email notifications

Send delivery notifications straight to your customer's inbox via email.

SMS notifications (Add-on)

Send delivery notifications by SMS text messages to 150+ countries worldwide.

Order tracking

Real-time order tracking on the day of delivery.

Live ETAs

Keep customers up-to-date with the latest ETAs, so they know exactly when to expect their delivery.

Custom branding

Ensure brand continuity by customising your Delivery Notifications.

Fully automated

Send all of your delivery notifications automatically based on a range of trigger events.

Dynamic placeholders

Quickly customise the contents of Delivery Notifications based on a range of pre-set placeholders.

Customer preferences

Customers can opt-in to receive Delivery Notifications on their preferred channel.
” With Stream, we can provide real-time updates to our customers with information about their delivery and visualise the progress of our drivers every step of the way.”

How it works

Create on-brand delivery updates

Customise Delivery Notifications in just a few clicks.

Set event triggers
Quickly set up Delivery Notifications to be automatically triggered by events in Stream.
Customise messages
Custom-design messages with logos, signatures, and fonts.
Partner & depot specific
Send Delivery Notifications with Partner and Depots specific content.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

SMS Delivery Notifications can be used as an add-on to your existing Stream subscription to send custom notifications to your customers via text message, priced per 160-character SMS.

Unlimited for both email & SMS, but SMS messages do incur a cost, priced per 160-character SMS.

Yes, Notifications are created in Stream using an HTML editor, giving you the ability to add logos, change fonts, add custom signatures, and add any relevant contact information that you want to provide.

Yes, if you deliver or collect on behalf of other entities, these can be set up in Stream and customised accordingly

Yes, if you deliver or collect on behalf of other entities, these can be set up in Stream and customised accordingly.

Yes, you can send SMS updates to customers in 150+ countries worldwide.

Unfortunately, this isn’t something we have available in Stream at the moment, but we’re always looking for new ways to support our subscribers, so get in touch to find out if this is something we could add to the Stream ecosystem.

By keeping customers updated about their delivery with accurate ETAs, they are far more likely to be available, reducing the number of deliveries that are missed due to a customer being out or otherwise engaged when the driver arrives. SMS in particular has one of the highest open rates of any messaging method, so sending delivery notifications via SMS instead of another method further increases the likelihood that customers will be available when the driver arrives.

Plan less, deliver more.

Slash your route planning time, cut your delivery costs and exceed your customer’s expectations.