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"Stream has it all. A great product, great people, great energy and great ideas. Stream provides strong support, attention to detail and a willingness to suggest alternative ways of driving efficiency or improving service to our customers. If you want a superb transport management solution, with an energetic dynamic approach to development and solution delivery, genuinely look no further." www.mawdsleys.co.uk

Fresh Logistics

‘We aim to provide the most transparent and proactive service possible, this has completely revolutionised our ability to provide real-time data to our clients, but we still monitor each vehicle closely to ensure we can react to any unforeseen circumstance. We are regularly lauded by our customers when we have five or six vehicles out on multi-drop routes and they call us to check on their progress. The instant feedback on progress, along with ETA’s to their next deliveries, or rescheduling of routes on the fly and within a single call has proven to be extremely beneficial. Some of our competitors, and even customers, still need to phone each driver individually to then relay the information 10-15 minutes later. There are even still companies out there relying on the “no news is good news method”, so Stream truly gives us the edge on both a customer service perspective but also through saving time to make each call.’ www.freshlogistics.co.uk


"To manage our continued growth, we wanted to put in place best-in-class cloud-based software to help manage various aspects of our business. Mintsoft and Stream are a key component of that mix, working alongside Xero. We’ve been able to benefit from modern and automated order, warehouse and logistics processes. Not only have Mintsoft and Stream enabled us to reduce our operating costs by 23%, they’ve enabled us to deliver exceptional customer service. At the same time, Stream has also been integrated with Xero to close the loop." www.impeccableltd.com


"Stream Check gives us instant access to vehicle checks, photos and enables us to track repairs through the system. Stream is a very user friendly and easy to install walkaround check system. Would highly recommend." www.cazoo.co.uk


"Stream has revolutionised the way we deliver homeworking products to our staff. Our previous way of planning deliveries was a full-time job, now it takes no time at all. Stream is so easy to use and is quick to plan both our delivery and collection runs. It is saving us so much time." www.admiral.com


"Once again thanks for your help getting started with Stream. The support has been brilliant throughout. The training, advice, knowledge, professionalism and attitude to everything asked of the Stream Team has been exceptional." www.gravelmaster.co.uk

The Orchard Garden Centre

"We use Stream to manage and plan deliveries from our garden centre in Ireland. Stream's Mobile App enables us to get a digital signature as proof of delivery and capture photos if there are any issues. Stream also integrates with our EPOS system, OpSuite. We rate Stream 5 out of 5." www.theorchard.ie

Traders Warehouse Security Distribution

"Stream allows us to easily plan, manage and optimise our delivery routes in the most efficient way and has enabled us to improve our customer communication. We use Stream to plan multi-drop van delivery routes, track van progress & give customers a delivery window. Thanks to this, we are able to make more successful deliveries than ever before." www.traderswarehouse.co.uk

SRT Transport

"As one of the leading express delivery companies in Denmark, we place a high emphasis on providing excellent customer service. Stream has helped us continually deliver that all important customer service for our last mile delivery operation. Our retail customers are really happy with the visibility, order tracking and proof of delivery that Stream provides. The support the Stream team has given us has been fantastic throughout. We're looking to expand our operation further as we rollout Stream to more and more retailers across Denmark." www.srt-transport.dk

Hennessy Timber Group

“We’ve been using Stream for a while now to manage our deliveries and when we first signed up, the onboarding process was very smooth and transparent. Stream is a great product, which is very easy to use, and the customer service from the team has been outstanding. Any query we’ve had has been answered very promptly and the support team goes above and beyond with their responses providing screenshots to accompany their explanations. Overall we are incredibly happy with Steam and how easy it is for our team to use.” www.hennessytimbergroup.com/

Ormos Trades

'Stream is an excellent solution for various aspects of the wholesale business. What makes the difference to us especially is the after sales service and the magnificent support team.' www.ormos.co.uk


"Stream has been very helpful with all of our route planning and optimisation for our delivery fleet of small vehicles and bikes. The support team at Stream are always on hand if I have any questions regarding orders or routing. We have been particularly impressed with the customer tracking feature, which is something our customers were always asking for." www.tryd.co.uk

Dhall & Nash

"The support staff at Stream were great at easing us into the software and were patient with all of our questions - the app is excellent." www.dnfinewine.com

SICO (Europe)

"We use Stream to send information to our customers and to receive updates and information on every delivery instantly. Stream lets us see where every driver and order is and a visual display on where our deliveries are. For us, the delivery route planning and proof of deliveries are the most valuable parts of Stream." www.sicoinc.com

SRS Distribution

"Stream helps us to operate more efficiently. Route optimisation and delivery planning is simple, while managing each job is easy. The ePOD's are incredibly useful for our internal use and provide extra value to our customers." www.srsdistribution.co.uk

NJ Oxley

"Stream Check is very easy to use for our walk around checks and defect reporting. Using the software means less paperwork and much better communication between drivers and mechanics. When a defect is reported, it can be dealt with so much quicker and more efficiently. The support we get from Stream is also great." www.neiloxley.co.uk

Home Delivery Experts

"Stream is an integral tool for our two-man home delivery operation, helping us to route home deliveries around the UK. The software gives us control of the routing and good visibility of how the driver is getting on. The mobile App for capturing proof of delivery and tracking orders is invaluable for customers, drivers and our customer service team." www.thehde.co.uk


"Stream has changed the way we operate. Our customers now receive a better level of service, our drivers are happier and the time involved in routing deliveries is substantially lower than it was before. We would be lost without Stream!"

The Wardrobe Store

'When you pick up the phone, you’re on the front line of customer service – you have to be able to answer any question that customer might throw at you. With Stream, our customer service team can take a call, quickly search for an order and in most cases answer that question immediately. And that’s if they even need to call at all. A lot of the time, we’ve already sent them the information they need in a notification directly from Stream.' www.wardrobestores.co.uk

ALP Transport

"Stream has helped us replace copious amounts of traditional paperwork with a streamlined collection/ delivery and invoicing system which enables us to track our deliveries in real-time."

Pacific Foods

"Quite simply, Stream has made my job easier. We make good use of Stream's delivery planning features as we not only deliver direct to businesses, but home deliveries as well. Stream makes sure that all delivery routes are planned efficiently and make best use of our fleet." www.pacificfoods.direct

Warwickshire and Solihull Blood Bikes

"I have been in fleet management for over 30 years and believe that I am difficult to please, I insist that our operational technology be simple to use and work as intended. Stream, in its simplest form, does that for us. Our members have a job to focus on and have enough barriers to overcome while performing their duties. Stream is a quick solution for them at the start and end of every duty. The feedback received to date has been very positive. I no longer need to call members to ask for mileages, or travel and review logbook entries, to see if we have any reported faults. It saves valuable time and resources. Members no longer have to complete a paper logbook, which most often is wet or full, nor do they have to contact me to report issues. If a defect is reported via Stream, and something requires immediate attention, they normally get a call from me before they’ve had a chance to leave the site." www.wsbb.org

Yeovil Blood Bikes

"We are using Stream Check for vehicle safety and motorcycle maintenance as availability is top priority. The ability to send photos, do checks quickly and track servicing is absolutely essential. We have a duty of care to our riders, to hospitals and to patients and we are an emergency service. Our Charity is functioning much more efficiently and our riders are safer. The support has been outstanding. Knowledgeable people, who are dedicated to our success." www.yfwbloodbikes.org

Comfort Care Pharmacy & Medical Products

"Stream has transformed our ability to provide our US-based healthcare customer base with the medical equipment and supplies they require. With route optimization and multiple POD statuses, our service commitment has exceeded customer expectations".

Pavilion Broadway

"With Stream, we have dramatically improved the efficiency of our deliveries. Stream worked closely with us to ensure the software was integrated with our business and our workflows. We have honestly not looked back and see Stream as a key business partner. We are now processing double the orders that we were two-years ago and continue to grow. As we scale our business, technology partners such as Stream who facilitate efficient/automated work flows are critical to meeting our expansion plans whilst maintaining best in class customer service". www.pavilionbroadway.co.uk

Sofa Club

"Stream has enabled us to scale our business quicker than we could have imagined. Using the software has freed up four full-time members of staff to concentrate on other aspects of the business. Our customers are happier with the better communication and real-time information they are receiving." www.sofa-club.co.uk

Land Energy

"Stream is really helping with our logistical planning. Customer feedback has been positive with some even stating it’s “the best thing ever”. They love the “your items are nine stops away” countdown and the delivery window notification “your item is due today between 11.06 & 12.06”. From a customer point of view it gives reassurance. From a Land Energy point of view it allows us to quickly price, quote, schedule, confirm orders and invoice instantly, based on exact delivered amounts" www.land-energy.com

Kid’s Avenue

"Stream gives us the ability to be 100% on top of our orders with the real time data available quickly and efficiently. It has vastly improved our customer services and being honest I wouldn’t like to imagine Scandinavian House without Stream Go." www.kids-avenue.co.uk

Van Pimps

"Stream has revolutionised the way we manage our delivery service and taken our logistics to a whole new level, we could not recommend it highly enough.” www.vanpimps.co.uk

DCC Logistics

"Not only has Stream enabled DCC to be operational more efficient, we have been able to significantly improve our customer service.” www.dcclogistics.com

Dako Home

"Straightforward and very functional software for organising our deliveries, which has given me more time to do other tasks. I would highly recommend." www.dakohome.co.uk

Instrument London

"Stream has helped us provide an even better delivery and assembly service using our own in-house teams. Stream's support service is brilliant, probably the best I've seen in a long time." www.instrument.london

Trade Furniture

"Stream is fantastic software. My team love the time saved to plan delivery routes and contact customers, while my customers love the fact that they receive emails and texts that they can reply and confirm delivery slots with. Stream also saves on paperwork.” www.tradefurniturecompany.co.uk

Great Little Trading Company

"Stream has enabled us to have a complete view of customer orders. We can answer customer queries immediately in the majority of cases. If any issues occur we can deal with them quickly and efficiently and deliver improved customer satisfaction." www.gltc.co.uk

AB World Foods

“Our customer service team can now concentrate on delivering a great experience for all our customers as well as a great product.” www.abworldfoods.com

Arthauss Furniture

"Brightpearl and Stream has allowed us to save so much time and energy." www.arthauss.co.uk

Post Logistics

“Stream provided complete control of my bookings, collections and oversight of my partners delivery performance. This product became a crucial cornerstone for our business.” www.anpost.com

Celtheath Contract Furniture

"We use Stream to manage our contract furniture deliveries and collections and make full use of the system to ensure our customers get the best possible service. In terms of support, the Stream Team is always friendly and helpful." www.celtheath.com