Route Optimisation

Optimise your delivery routes to decarbonise fleet operations & cut emissions

Increase efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint, and deliver against Net Zero targets.

Reduce fleet emissions

Optimise operations to tackle carbon emissions

Load all of your deliveries or collections onto your runs and create the most efficient stop sequence with a single click.
Increase efficiency

Deliver more, with less!

Optimise your delivery routes for greater efficiency, so you can deliver more orders without needing to increase the size of your fleet.
Fewer miles. Lower carbon footprint. Less cost

Fewer wasted miles travelled

Optimised multi-drop sequences mean unnecessary delivery miles travelled by your drivers are reduced, which directly results in less fuel consumed, costs reduced, and lower emissions released.
Reduce delivery costs

Drive down your delivery costs

Reduced admin, more efficient routes, and fewer wasted miles travelled help you drive down your overall delivery costs.
Electric fleet optimisation

Optimise routes for electric vehicles, cargo bikes & other eco-friendly vehicles

Vehicles with alternative drivetrains pose some unique optimisation challenges. With Stream, transport planners can take vehicle range limits into account, ensuring their vehicles can complete scheduled deliveries & collections without running out of charge on the road.
Route Optimisation toolkit

Driving Net Zero with route optimisation

All the tools you need to optimise your fleet operations & reduce emissions.


Single-click optimisation

A single click plots the delivery or collection stops you need to make into the most efficient sequence.

Route adjustments

Make specific adjustments to your routes as required once the route has been optimised.

Add driver breaks

Add designated driver breaks to the run automatically, as you optimise your routes.

Multi-depot optimisation

Optimise delivery & collection routes for orders specific to each of your individual depots.

Electric vehicle optimisation

Take vehicle range limits into account when optimising delivery routes.

Route comparisons

Compare multiple planned routes on a single map and make adjustments for further optimisation.

Load planning

Ensure you get the most onto each vehicle in the planning process by taking product weight & dimensions into account.

Barcode scan on & off

Make sure you have the right orders on the right vehicles before setting off - and the right orders have been taken off at point of delivery.

Delivery slots, notifications & tracking

Let your customers know their planned delivery slot, keep them updated & enable them to track their deliveries in real-time.
“It’s transformed our ability to supply US-based healthcare customers. With route optimization and multiple POD statuses, our service commitment has exceeded customer expectations.”
Comfort Care

How it works

Your road to efficient routes & carbon zero

Make use of Stream’s optimisation features to get on the road to planning more efficient routes.

Create your runs
Build your runs individually, or create them in bulk, then add your orders using drag & drop, select & load, or the map drawing tool.
Optimise your routes
Single-click route optimisation creates the most efficient routes. Make adjustments and re-optimise as often as you need.
Send routes to drivers
Once you're happy with your routes, simply hit the close button on a run to have it automatically sent to the assigned driver’s app.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Route optimisation software helps logistics managers to plan the most efficient run for their drivers. Route optimisation software takes all stops into account to plan the fastest and most fuel-efficient route.

Optimising your delivery routes in Stream is as simple as loading all of the stops onto your run and then clicking the ‘Optimise’ button. This will then plot the stops into the most efficient sequence, helping you reduce your driver’s total mileage and time spent out on the road.

Yes! Driver breaks can be added manually to a run in Stream, alternatively, you can set up automatic driver breaks, which will create a new break on the run after each specified time duration has passed and will last for a duration that you can specify.

Yes! It is possible to optimise routes in Stream for runs that span multiple days. You can make use of the Driver Breaks feature to plan overnight stops for drivers within the run, with deliveries and collections then pushed to resume the following day.

Route optimisation plays a key role in decarbonisation, and helping businesses cut their fleet’s carbon emissions by finding the most efficient route between delivery and collection stops, minimising the distance a vehicle has to travel and therefore the amount of fuel consumed.

The UK Government has urged businesses to take action to reduce emissions to contribute to the UK-wide net zero by 2050 target, and by adopting carbon reduction policies businesses can play their part in helping to achieve it. Carbon reduction policies show a duty of responsibility to tackling air pollution, carbon emissions, and global warming, and the wider impact they have on the environment and society.

Plan less, deliver more.

Slash your route planning time, cut your delivery costs and exceed your customer’s expectations.