Manage Complex Delivery Operations with Stream

For businesses running their operation through Sage 200, integrating with Stream delivers an end-to-end accounting, delivery, transport and order management software system for complex or challenging delivery or service requirements.

Using our API, we work with your internal IT team, or your preferred Sage partner to integrate Stream with Sage 200. Alternatively, we can put you in contact with a Sage development partner who can work with you to deliver the integration.

With Stream, you’ll be able to proactively manage your orders and deliveries whilst keeping your investment in Sage 200.

Stream will enable efficient delivery route planning and delivery management, delivering cost savings and real-time tracking for you, your partners and your customers.

Most importantly, Stream can significantly improve customer interaction and satisfaction throughout your business.

Stream’s self-service customer portal makes it easy for your partners to do business with you by giving control and real-time information throughout the order to delivery process.

Partners and customers will be able to view and manage their own orders through the web-based customer portal.

Once orders are in Sage 200, they are automatically uploaded to Stream so you can manage your orders and deliveries effectively and efficiently.

With a single view of your orders, coupled with excellent search functionality, Stream enables your customer services team to access information and resolve any queries quickly and accurately with no call-back or hunt for information.

Proactive email notifications from Stream inform partners and customers of order status, while the self-service customer portal, which can be accessed on desktop, laptop or mobile device, means customers can also view the progress of their order at any time.

Customers are also given the option of accepting and confirming a delivery slot through the online portal.

Once a successful delivery is made using the interactive driver app, everyone in the order to delivery process can be notified and, should they wish, immediately create a PDF report including any images captured and the Proof of Delivery (POD) signature.

As Stream is cloud-based, no additional hardware or operating system software is required. The driver app runs on consumer-grade smartphone devices, such as Android phones.

Fast and affordable to implement, Stream gives you control, visibility and real-time information on your deliveries.

Thanks to Sage 200’s extensive database, Sage 200 users are able to enjoy a tighter integration with Stream than Sage 50 users, with two-way information movement between the systems.

If you’re already using Sage 200, schedule your demo to see Stream and Sage 200 working together.

Sage Integration CTA

Integrate Stream with Sage 200 for efficient logistics and transport management

Proactive delivery management

Efficient delivery route planning and a smartphone app for drivers integrated with sage means efficient customer service and real-time tracking for you, your partners and your customers.

Empower partners and customers

Partners and customers can view and manage their own orders through a web-based self-service portal, delivering accurate and up-to-date information.

Improve speed and quality

Single point of data entry with efficient user interface means faster and more accurate order management and processing.

Improve customer interaction

Proactive notifications, excellent communications and access to information mean fewer calls to customer services as well as happier customers leading to more repeat business.

Efficient customer services

Provides a complete view of orders and excellent search functionality enabling customer service staff to resolve any queries quickly and accurately with no call-back or hunt for information.

Available wherever you are

Functionality is optimised for pc, smartphone or tablet use wherever needed: on the road, at customer premises, in the warehouse or the showroom.