Sage 200

Sage 200 integration for Stream

Connect with Stream for a seamless two-way integration for planning and completing deliveries for Sage 200 orders.


Why connect Sage 200 with Stream?

Integrating Sage 200 with Stream helps keep your delivery information in sync across your entire business operation.


Automatic order creation

Automatically push any new Sage 200 orders into Stream, ready to be planned for delivery.

Instant order updates

If any changes are made to a Sage 200 order, these will be updated and reflected in Stream.

Delivery tracking & notifications

Real-time order, delivery, and driver tracking and notifications for you and your customers. Tracking URLs made available in Sage 200.

Capture Proof of Delivery

Proof of delivery status, including photos and signatures captured in Stream made available in Sage 200.

Data flow

Keep Sage 200 and stream in sync

See how data flows between Stream and Sage 200 whenever informational changes are made, so you know exactly what data is processed.


Create order

Orders created in Sage 200 can be automatically created in Stream.

Edit order

Any changes to the order in Sage 200 can automatically be updated in Stream.

Delete order

Deleting an order in Sage 200 can also delete the order from Stream.

Delivery & order tracking

When an order is processed, a customer reference and tracking link is produced in Stream against the order in Sage 200.

Update order & delivery status

Whenever the delivery status changes on the order in Stream, it can be automatically updated in Sage 200.

Update Proof of Delivery

Upon capturing electronic Proof of Delivery in Stream, it can be automatically updated in Sage 200.

Update inventory levels

When an order is delivered, or part delivered, in Stream, inventory levels can be updated in Sage 200.
“We’ve noticeably reduced delivery costs, dramatically cut down paper wastage and are able to provide a better experience for our customers. “
Capital Eggs
“Stream has revolutionised the way we deliver homeworking products to our staff. Our previous way of planning deliveries was a full-time job, now it takes no time at all. “


Setting up your integration

Get help from one of our integration partners to ensure a successful, seamless integration between Stream and Sage 200


Roundhouse is one of the UK's leaders in custom Sage 200 software and are experts in developing custom integrations for Sage.


Utilize provide award-winning Sage 200 implementation, consulting, development, training, and support across the UK.

tn4 Solutions

tn4 Solutions has been providing accounting and business software solutions, centred around Sage, for more than 20 years.


mybusiness provides integrated cloud platforms and professional services for Sage.
Eureka addons logo

Eureka Addons

Eureka Addons are 5 times winners of Sage Developer of the Year and have created Data Exchange to seamlessly transfer data between Sage 200 and third-party systems.

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