Stream Pricing

Subscriptions that scale with your business as it grows

Stream’s pricing is a subscription model and is based on the number of vehicles your company is using. As a result, Stream scales with your business as it grows!

Stream Check
Software for creating and completing daily vehicle walkaround checks, reporting defects, recording fleet details and managing vehicle booking schedules, with a mobile app for drivers.

£0 /mo

30-Day Free Trial
We’re offering a 30-Day Free Trial of Stream Check for you to try out the platform before making a commitment.
(Minimum five vehicle subscription)

Key Features
  • Walkaround Checks
  • Defect Reporting
  • Vehicle Service & Inspection Booking Scheduler
  • Driver Details Management
  • Vehicle Details Management
  • Mobile App for Drivers
  • Add-ons available (Learn More)
Walkaround Checks
  • Let drivers complete walkaround checks in the mobile app
  • Check history automatically logged against each vehicle
  • Create custom checks and check types
  • Check (almost) anything – vehicles, equipment, plant machinery
  • Record accidents & incidents
  • Download reports for all your walkaround checks
Defect Reporting
  • Let drivers report defects in the mobile app
  • Create custom defect types
  • Track defects from discovery to resolution
  • Defect history automatically logged against vehicles
  • Prevent defective vehicles being used in Stream
Driver Management
  • Add/remove drivers & users
  • Record driver details
  • Record licence information such as licence type and renewal dates
  • Prevent unavailable/suspended drivers from being assigned to runs in Stream
Vehicle Management
  • Add/Remove Vehicles
  • Add/Remove Vehicle Types
  • Assign default drivers to vehicles
  • Record vehicle make, model, registration
  • Record vehicle limitations & capacities
  • Record vehicle attributes such as fuel types and consumption
Vehicle Booking Schedule
  • Vehicle bookings calendar
  • Create inspection/service schedules
  • Create mileage-based inspections
  • Create automatic booking reminders
Mobile App for Drivers
  • Works on any Android or IOS device
  • Complete vehicle walkaround checks
  • Report vehicle defects
  • Compatible with rugged devices such as Zebra and Honeywell
  • Software integrations, add-ons and/or onboarding, may be subject to additional charges.

Get even more out of Stream

Make Stream work even harder for your businesses with some of these incredibly useful, but optional, add-ons. Simply speak to a member of our team about adding them to your subscription.

Please note, software integrations, add-ons and/or onboarding, may be subject to additional charges.


Stream Analytics

Get access to the Stream KPIs you want, inside the tools that you use.
Connect your Stream account with your business intelligence tool of choice to understand your operation in greater detail, measure KPIs and drive real improvement.

See how Stream Analytics works

Stream Forms

Digitise even more of your paper-based tasks.
Need to collect extra information about your deliveries and collections? Create unique forms for your drivers to complete when fulfilling an order, such as installation checklists or risk assessments.

See how Stream Forms works

Turn GPS Mobile Navigation

Safer, compliant navigation for HGVs and Commercial Vehicles
Turn-by-turn navigation mobile app for HGVs and Commercial Vehicles. Designed to provide safer, compliant navigation for drivers and stop vehicles being directed down unsuitable routes.

See how Turn works

Data Retention

Extend your data retention beyond 18 months.
Need to keep information on every order, proof of delivery or walkaround check beyond the standard 18-month term? You can retain data for up to six years and recall it easily should the need arise.

Learn more about Data Retention

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FAQs about Stream

Stream Go is a cloud-based software application, which helps businesses effectively manage their deliveries, collections, orders, vehicles & drivers.

Stream Check is a cloud-based software application, which helps helps businesses efficiently manage vehicle & equipment inspections, maintenance & compliance.

Stream's monthly pricing is subscription based and calculated on the number of vehicles (or equipment / plant machinery) in your fleet. All hosting, support and maintenance costs are included in the monthly subscription and Stream comes complete with an unlimited user licence.

Yes, each of our add-ons has an additional cost on top of your base Stream subscription. Please Contact our sales team if you'd like to discuss pricing for any of our add-ons.

We ask for a 90 day notice of termination. We're confident you'll quickly see the benefits of Stream in your business. We're constantly adding new features to our software which you'll also be able to take advantage of.

We've already integrated Stream with Brightpearl, Veeqo, Sage 200, SAP Business One, Xero, Sage Business Cloud, Sage 50 and Infor. If you're running a different system, we're more than happy to have a look at integrating. We can use a number of methods including, using a number of methods, including: RESTful web APIs, secure ftp of XML or secure ftp of CSV.

Stream's mobile App runs on both Android or iOS devices. If you want your drivers / operators to use rugged devices, we can supply Honeywell and Zebra Technologies range.

We're always happy to show you how Stream could benefit your business. Why not book an online demonstration to see how Stream can level up your operation. Book a Demo

No. You can subscribe to either products independently. Stream Go includes Stream Check for free to ensure that vehicles with outstanding defects or scheduled maintenance such as MOT’s or safety inspections are not used.

Yes, we partner with Teletrac Navman for telematics and advanced vehicle tracking which delivers greater visibility into real-time insights and analytics, providing fleets with all the tools needed to improve their daily operations.

Yes, we integrate with Trimble's CoPilot Truck navigation system.