Defect Reporting

Report, record, and resolve vehicle defects quickly

Record vehicle defects, create a detailed audit history for each vehicle, and track defects through to resolution.

Defect reporting app

Defect reporting right in your driver’s pocket

Drivers can capture detailed information and photographic evidence of vehicle defects, as part of their daily walkaround check process, using their mobile device.
Instant notifications

Get instant notifications for new vehicle defects

Don’t wait until the end of the day/week to find out about new vehicle defects. Get notified instantly so you can get to work on organising the necessary maintenance to keep your vehicles on the road.
Vehicle audit trail

Complete defect history against every vehicle

Every recorded defect is digitally stored against the respective vehicle, providing a complete audit trail for your entire fleet and removing the need to file and store piles of paperwork.
Defect Reporting toolkit

Your toolkit for reporting defects

All the tools you need to effectively manage your defect reporting.


Defect reporting app

Drivers can digitally report vehicle defects as part of their daily walkaround check process.

Custom defect types

Create different types, and severities, of vehicle defects to meet your exact requirements.

Defect tracking

Make sure every defect is tracked all the way through, from discovery to resolution.

Vehicle defect history

Every defect recorded is stored against the respective vehicle, for a complete audit history of your entire fleet.

Prevent vehicle usage

Prevent any defective vehicles from being assigned, when planning runs for deliveries and collections in Stream.

Major & minor defects

Make sure your drivers can record defects that may or may not mean they are safe to use on the road.

Instant defect notifications

Get instant notifications when a defect is reported, so you can begin organising the maintenance immediately.

Detailed information capture

Record detailed notes (including the severity) & photographs of every vehicle defect that gets reported.

Insights dashboard

Get a visual overview of vehicle statuses and the number of defects logged.

Detailed analytics

Connect your vehicle defect data to your business reporting tools using the Analytics add-on for detailed analysis.

Export your data

Export detailed reports containing your vehicle defect data for external analysis.
“Stream Check was 65p more expensive than the existing walkaround check book, but we realised we were able to solve problems quicker and have evidence on the condition of a vehicle.”
Stewarts Care

How it works

Efficient defect management from reporting to resolution

Discover, report, and resolve defects in Stream’s mobile app.

Create defect types
Create specific defect types, or customise the default defect types already available in Stream.
Report vehicle defects
Your drivers identify and report defects while carrying out their walkaround checks in the app.
Quickly resolve issues
Instant notifications ensure you can keep track of defects and get them fixed quickly to ensure a safe and compliant fleet.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it does. Drivers can report defects and fill out the required fields in the Stream mobile app as part of the walkaround check process. They can even record detailed notes and use the phone camera to capture photos of every defect.

Yes, if the driver has no signal on their mobile device they can still complete vehicle checks and report defects. Any information captured will be passed back to Stream once their signal returns, and defect notifications will also be sent at this point.

You can use Stream to replace your paper vehicle defect book. Report defects in the mobile App, track defects from discovery to resolution, and build a detailed defect history for every vehicle, all in one place. You can even customise your settings to choose the information you want drivers to record about each type of defect.

Details of every defect reported are stored against the corresponding vehicles for 18 months, giving you the ability to build up a comprehensive vehicle defect history and audit trail for your entire fleet. You can also use Extended Data Retention to increase the amount of time that we hold this data for you.

Automatic alerts can be triggered when a defect is reported and the necessary steps can be taken to get the vehicle back on the road. Using the Stream mobile app to identify and report defects before they become a more serious issue can help keep those expensive repair costs down and keep your vehicles safe and out on the road.

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