Route Planning

Plan better delivery routes in just a few clicks

Reduce your route planning time, lower your delivery costs, and gain real-time visibility of every run.

Route Planning toolkit

Your complete Route Planning toolkit

All the tools you need to start planning better delivery routes, in less time.


Multi-drop route planning

Use drag & drop, select & load, or the map drawing tool, to plan efficient multi-drop routes for deliveries & collections.

Single-click optimisation

Load all of your stops on each run and use single-click route optimisation to plot the most efficient stop sequence.

Auto-plan delivery routes

Automatically create runs and load all of your unplanned orders, factoring in driver and vehicle availability.

Deliveries and/or collections

Whether you're performing deliveries, collections, or a combination of both, Stream has got you covered.

Plan using availability

Avoid your drivers or vehicles being assigned to any runs on days when they’re unavailable.

Maximise vehicle capacity

Factor product dimensions into your route planning process to maximise vehicle capacity.

Send runs to drivers

Mark a run as ‘Closed’ to make it instantly available to the assigned driver in the Stream mobile app.

Compare planned routes

Compare multiple planned routes using Route Comparison to identify inefficiencies or crossover.

‘Milk runs’ & fixed routes

Create templated fixed routes/milk runs to produce recurring runs over and over again.

Map drawing tool

Draw around a selection of orders on the map to easily group and select them based on location.

Multi-depot planning

Plan delivery & collection routes for orders specific to each of your individual depots.

Add driver breaks

Add automatic, or manual, driver breaks to runs to provide designated break times for drivers.

Planning to time slots

Add stops that meet an order's required delivery time and plan all of your other stops around it.

Customer notifications

Send Notifications directly from the planning screen to update customers that their delivery has been planned.

Delivery slots & live ETAs

View individual delivery slots and watch as ETAs update in real-time based on the driver’s location.
“Since using Stream, we’ve been able to cut the amount of time needed on route planning dramatically. We’ve had lots of feedback on how much better our communication is”
Worcester Timber Products
“We’ve found the integration with Brightpearl great, and the way we’re kept updated with our routes is better than any other delivery software.”
Sanctuary Bathrooms
“Stream is fantastic software. My team love the time saved to plan delivery routes and contact customers, while customers love that they receive email and text notifications.”
Trade Furniture

How it works

The road to efficient route planning

Make use of Stream’s powerful features to get on the road to planning better routes, faster.

Quickly create runs
Build your runs individually, or create them in bulk, then load up your orders using drag & drop, select & load, or map drawing tool.
Optimise your routes
Use Stream’s single-click route optimisation to optimise your routes. You can adjust and re-optimise as often as required.
Send routes to drivers
Once you're ready to dispatch, simply close the planned run to send it to the assigned driver’s mobile app.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Delivery routes can be optimised in Stream in just a single click of the ‘Optimise’ button, which will plot the stops into the most efficient sequence. However you can alternatively fine tune your routes exactly as you need by dragging and dropping stops into the required order.

Learn more about Route Optimisation in Stream >

Yes! There are plenty of events in Stream for which you can send notifications to your customers. The Planning screen in Stream has inline buttons for sending email and SMS notifications to each customer to let them know their delivery/collection has been planned, and provide them with a tracking link for them to follow their order.

Learn more about Notifications in Stream >

Yes! Stream has a Route Comparison tool which lets you open a window comparing up to ten of your planned routes at a time. This is really useful for identifying any inefficiencies or route overlaps, as well as having the ability to see any unplanned stops that might be close to a route you’ve already planned.

Yes! Driver breaks can be added manually to a run in Stream, alternatively, you can set up automatic driver breaks which will create a new break on the run after each specified time duration has passed and will last for a duration that you can specify.

Yes! It is possible to plan runs in Stream that span multiple days. You can make use of the Driver Breaks feature to plan overnight stops for drivers within the run, with deliveries and collections then pushed to resume on the following day.

Plan less, deliver more.

Slash your route planning time, cut your delivery costs and exceed your customer’s expectations.