About Stream

Logistics, Fleet Maintenance & Transport Management Software Made Easy.

Our Story

In 2011, Proximity was developing a ‘track and trace’ software application to meet the requirements of its existing enterprise customers – and fit the demands and complexity of the global logistics and retail sector.

At the same time, Scandinavian House was having a number of issues that were impacting the continued growth of their very successful business.

Fortunately, Scandinavian House’s directors Dan and Anne Ridgway were acquainted with the director of Proximity, Dave Pickburn.

After discussing the issues Scandinavian House were having, the idea of Stream was born.

As Stream has been built from the ground up, we had the freedom to approach it as creatively and substantially as possible.

Stream has been developed to take full advantage of the scalability, security and flexibility of cloud-based software, to give small and medium businesses access the same kind of software applications as large enterprise organisations  — without having to host and maintain their own IT resources.

As Stream’s ‘flagship’ partner, Scandinavian House, continue to play a role in the new innovations of Stream. To this day, we continue to look at ways to improve Stream to make it easier for organisations to efficiently and proactively manage their logistics, vehicles and orders.

Transport, Logistics, Retail & Delivery Software Awards

Stream has won a number of prestigious awards and been shortlisted for many others, since 2015. Frequently recognised in innovation and technology categories, Stream is a solution that makes logistics and transport management easy, for anyone business making deliveries, collections or visits in their own vehicles. Stream has won awards as a standalone product, as well as for specific use-cases, particularly for use with Scandinavian House.