Barcode Tracking

Barcode scanning for delivery traceability

Scan, track, and trace every individual item, order, and delivery throughout every touchpoint for greater visibility.

Scan, track, & trace

Traceability at every step of the journey

Know what and where every item is, where that item has been, when every action associated with that item happened, whose hands it has been through, and what happens next so you have a clear picture through your operation.
Reduce human error

The right goods, at the right stop

When you’re delivering multiple orders at multiple drops, it can be easy to make a mistake. Barcode scanning helps ensure that every customer receives the correct goods at every stop.

Track & trace is the key to compliance

Build a full and robust audit trail, showing where items have been, where they’re going next, and who has handled them from the moment they enter your logistics operation to the moment they’re delivered.

Events created every time a barcode is scanned

Every time a barcode is scanned, an event is created against it in Stream, giving both you and your customer complete visibility of the item’s journey.
Scan on & off vehicles

Get the right orders on the right vehicle. Every time

Scan each item, tote, box, or pallet onto your vehicles to ensure every order has been loaded. You can also choose to scan orders in reverse drop sequence and consolidate items for a single scan.
Network trunking

Scan items through your network

Scan individual items to build boxes, totes, pallets or other containers. Scan that single container from one depot to another ensuring only the right products are being trunked through your network before breaking them down in preparation for last mile delivery.
Scan on-hand dates

Update on-hand dates to schedule onward deliveries faster

Receiving goods into your warehouse from manufacturers or retailers for onward delivery? Scan goods as they’re unloaded into your depot to update the ‘On-Hand’ date in Stream, enabling those goods to be made automatically available for route planning.
Labels for scanning

Create new or use existing barcodes for shipping labels

Pull barcode information from your ERP, warehouse, retail, or inventory back office systems, or generate them automatically within Stream, and then print shipping labels and apply them to your packages.
Barcode Tracking toolkit

Giving you the what, where, when, why, and who

All the tools you need to track and trace every single item through your operation.


Barcode scanning

Build a full and robust audit trail for every item, with the ability to scan goods at every step, including on and off vehicles.

Time, date, operator, & GPS stamped

Every barcode scan is time, date, and GPS stamped, so you know exactly when and where it happened.

Individual line items

Built around individual line items, Stream is incredibly granular, delivering end-to-end visibility, traceability, and auditability.

Create and print labels

Generate run, order, or item specific labels, print and apply to packages for scanning.

Scan on and off vehicles

Scan each item/package as it goes onto your vehicle and as it comes off.

Scan in and out of the warehouse

Scan each item into your warehouse and as it goes out for delivery.

Goods on hand scanning

Scan goods as they arrive into your warehouse and automatically make them available for planning.

Compliance audits

Barcode scanning across every step builds a robust auditable history of each item through your operation.
“Stream’s helped us deliver that all important customer service for our last mile delivery operation. Our retail customers are really happy with the visibility that it provides. “
RB9 Transport

How it works

Track every item with barcode scanning

Barcode Tracking for complete traceability

Create barcodes & labels
You can create barcodes and labels in Stream, or use existing one’s from your back office application.
Scan at every step
Stream’s mobile app enables barcodes to be scanned at every step of the order to delivery process.
Complete audit history
Capture and store information from every scan to build a complete audit history for every order.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t, but you might want to. Barcode scanning can give you complete traceability of goods through the supply chain, as well as reduce the risk of human error mistakes when it comes to loading and unloading. Using barcodes can eliminate errors, reducing the number of failed deliveries and redeliveries, and ultimately saving you time and money. In short, barcodes make it easy to ensure that the right goods are on the right vehicles and the right runs.

Not at all! You can scan barcodes and QR codes with any smartphone camera on Android or iOS. Using a rugged, handheld ePOD device with an advanced scanning engine (from manufacturers like Zebra, Samsung and Honeywell) can make it faster and easier to read barcodes, even in the toughest conditions, but for lower volumes a consumer smartphone works just fine.

No, quite the opposite. Scanning each item, tote, box or pallet onto your vehicles ensures every product has been loaded (eliminating lost items). You can also scan orders onto the vehicle in reverse drop sequence, so drivers don’t need to search the van for their next delivery item. Barcodes also reduce the chances of ‘human error’ mistakes, ensuring that every customer receives the correct goods at every stop. For the sake of an extra 0.5 seconds to scan the goods, you’ve saved potential hours of handling missing (or misdelivered) items.

Yes, you can! As well as pulling barcode information from your ERP, warehouse, retail or inventory back office systems, Stream can automatically generate new barcodes and then print shipping labels and apply them to your packages.

You don’t need a separate QR code app. Stream works with both traditional barcodes and QR codes, and you can scan both of these using your device’s camera, in the Stream mobile app, on Android or iOS.

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