Helping Xero users manage their logistics operation more efficiently & effectively

Xero is an intuitive online accounting software platform. View real-time cash flow information and automate business accounting tasks. Cut time-consuming admin and manual data entry.

Now, you can also automate invoice creation in Xero, based on order details in Stream, or automate order creation in Stream, based on invoice details in Xero.

Like Stream, Xero is a cloud-based platform. It scales with your business and you can access your data wherever and whenever you need it. Xero works for businesses from large corporations to small and medium-sized independents.

Businesses selling everything from popcorn to plumbing services manage their accounts in Xero.

Get paid faster with Xero’s invoicing features – combined with Stream logistics planning

Automatically plan and optimise delivery and collection routes. Capture Proof of Delivery with our driver mobile App. Improve customer service with texts and emails.

Create orders in Stream straight from Xero ready for route planning. Send Proof of Delivery to customers by email. Stream can also provide information to Xero about any charges automatically.

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Generate orders in Stream using information from Xero

Create orders in Stream straight from Xero. View your unpaid orders in Xero, and send order information (like delivery address, due date, reference numbers, etc.) once orders are set as fully paid.

Once those orders are in Stream, you can confirm them and view the order and delivery information.

You can then plan and optimise your deliveries and communicate time slots to your customers. Proof of delivery is captured using our driver’s App with confirmation emailed to your customer.

Generate invoices in Xero using information from Stream

If you raise invoices after delivery, Stream can automatically provide information to Xero about any charges.

Pass financial details; costs and charges; and other relevant information for your orders in Stream into your Xero account to create invoices automatically without the worry of human error and data entry mistakes.

As soon as electronic proof of delivery or collection is captured and the order is recorded as complete in Stream via our Android or iOS mobile app, you’re ready to invoice your customers in Xero.

By sending invoices to customers as soon you’re ready to, you can get paid faster.

And at the same time, you cut the risk of data-entry mistakes, save admin resources and improve cash flow in your business.

And, as we all know, cash is king.

Online invoicing features mean that you can get paid faster – and increase cash flow – with Xero:

  • Quickly create professional invoices with completely customisable templates
  • Stop wasting resources on chasing payments from customers, with automatic reminders
  • Make it easy for customers to pay you with a range of simple payment options. Use ‘pay now’ for instant payments via debit or credit card.

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