Manage Financials & Complex Delivery Requirements with Stream’s Sage 50 Integration

Sage 50 is accounting software used by small businesses across the UK and worldwide.

For businesses managing their accounts and financials in Sage 50, and making deliveries in their own vehicles, an integration with Stream Go is the next logical step.

Stream Go can help you to manage logistics, vehicles, deliveries and orders, with no need to lose your investment in sage.

By implementing Stream Go you will save resources on deliveries – from the time spent planning routes, to saving time on the road with optimised routes, to cutting the admin. time spent chasing and filing paper proofs of delivery.

Stream Go also works to improve customer service, by providing accurate delivery estimates with driver tracking, and automatically communicating these to customers via email or SMS. This drastically reduces the likelihood of missed deliveries, the number of calls in search of deliveries, and empowers your staff to quickly and accurately respond to queries that do come in.

For businesses managing their accounts with Sage 50, there are two key options for Stream Go’s integration:

Export orders from Sage 50 to Stream Go

For businesses using Stream Go to deal predominantly with logistics management, Orders and deliveries can be entered into Stream Go and then exported into Sage 50 for billing

Import orders to Sage 50 from Stream Go

Retailers, and other businesses implementing Stream Go to manage deliveries and orders, can take orders input to Sage 50 and export them to Stream Go ready for planning and recording deliveries.

Integrating with Stream Go delivers an end-to-end accounting, delivery, transport and order management software system for complex or challenging delivery or service requirements.

Once your orders are in Stream Go (whether input directly, or exported from Sage 50), deliveries can be planned and optimised, with routes sent directly to the driver app, and estimated delivery times sent directly to customers.

Drivers then make their deliveries, and capture accurate electronic Proof of Delivery (including signatures, photos, and notes, all stamped with precise time, date and GPS location). ePODs are available in real-time to back-office staff and to customers, putting your customer service ahead of the competition.

As Stream Go is cloud-based, no additional hardware or operating system software is required. The driver app runs on consumer-grade smartphone devices, such as Android phones, or on ruggedised Android devices from Zebra Technologies.

If you’re already using Sage 50, schedule your demo to see Stream Go and Sage 50 working together

Integrate Stream Go with Sage 50 for efficient logistics and transport management

Proactive delivery management

Efficient delivery route planning and a smartphone app for drivers integrated with Sage means efficient customer service and real-time tracking for you, your partners and your customers.

Improve customer interaction

Proactive notifications, excellent communications and access to information mean fewer calls to customer services as well as happier customers leading to more repeat business.

Empower partners and customers

Partners and customers can view and manage their own orders through a web-based self-service portal, delivering accurate and up-to-date information.

Efficient customer services

Provides a complete view of orders and excellent search functionality enabling customer service staff to resolve any queries quickly and accurately with no call-back or hunt for information.

Improve speed and quality

Single point of data entry with efficient user interface means faster and more accurate order management and processing.

Available wherever you are

Functionality is optimised for PC, smartphone or tablet use wherever needed: on the road, at customer premises, in the warehouse or the showroom.

Find out how easy it is to manage your deliveries, vehicles and orders with Stream.

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