Measure your performance with Stream Analytics data

Analytics provides you with access to your Stream data and connects to business intelligence tools to analyse performance.

Business Intelligence (BI) tools

Report using your BI tool of choice

Connect your unique Stream database to your business intelligence tools (such as Looker Studio or Power BI) and turn your data into useful insights to help you make informed business decisions.
Build custom reports

Create custom dashboards & reports

Use your business intelligence tools to build custom reports that show you the information you need, and help you identify areas where improvements can be made.

Measure your KPIs

Build out your custom Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) into your dashboards and reporting to help you understand how your business is performing against strategic goals.
Data security

Secure analytics data

Stream is audited and certified to Cyber Essentials Plus & ISO 27001, meaning data is safely held in ISO 27001 certified data centres around Europe, so all of your business-essential data is secure.
Analytics toolkit

Your complete analytics toolkit

All the tools you need to track and report key business metrics.


Build custom reports & dashboards

Turn essential business data into insightful reports & dashboards.

Access data via multiple BI tools

Access Stream data in your business intelligence tool of choice, including Looker Studio or Power BI.

Analyse on the go

Access Analytics data on multiple devices with a data connection, including web & mobile.

Easily share

Multiple dashboard exporting options are available, so they can be easily accessed businesswide.

Daily data updates

Analytics data is updated daily, allowing you to analyse up-to-date information.

Smart dashboards

Explore multiple data visualisation methods for analysis.
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Hennessy Timber Group
“Stream is an excellent solution for various aspects of the business. What makes the difference to us especially is the after sales service and magnificent support team.”
Ormos Foodhall
“Great product, great people, great energy and great ideas. Stream provides strong support, attention to detail and a willingness to suggest alternative ways of driving efficiency.”

How it works

Analytics that drive logistics performance

Connect Stream with your business intelligence tool of choice in three easy steps.

Subscribe to Analytics
Add Stream Analytics to your existing Stream subscription.
Connect to your BI tool
We provide you with the keys to connect Stream to your BI tool of choice.
Build and analyse
Build all the reports you want, analyse your data and drive operational improvement.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stream Analytics data is updated daily, so you can visualise your data and spot trends and patterns that you might not have been aware of before. Real-time data on the status of your drivers, vehicles, and runs updates throughout the day and can be accessed in Stream.

You can set custom date ranges to view data from a set time period, whether that be yesterday, last week, the past 3 months or the whole year, and even compare to previous periods. Stream Analytics looks at data in your Stream account from the last 18 months, but you can use our Extended Data Retention to increase the amount of time this data is held for.

Yes! With the Stream Analytics add-on, you can access your data in Power BI to build your own reports, dashboards and visualisations.

Yes! With the Stream Analytics add-on, you can access your data in Tableau to build your own reports, dashboards, and visualisations.

Yes! With the Stream Analytics add-on, you can access your data in Qlik to build your own reports, dashboards, and visualisations.

With the Stream Analytics add-on, you can access your data in your BI (business intelligence) reporting tool of choice, be that Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, or another tool. If you don’t currently use a BI tool, we recommend accessing Stream Analytics data in Google Data Studio.

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