Vehicle Inspection Scheduling

Automated vehicle inspection, service, & MOT reminders for your fleet

Create schedules for every vehicle and receive reminders ahead of bookings.

Better manage inspection & service schedules

Never miss another inspection, service, or MOT

See a complete overview of all your bookings for every vehicle in your fleet. Automated email reminders when bookings are due means you never miss another inspection or service again.
Complete control over service & inspection schedules

Create and manage your fleet schedules

No matter the type of inspection, service, or annual tests your vehicles need, you can add the correct schedule to the correct vehicles to manage all your fleet bookings in Stream.
Never miss a booking!

Receive email notifications automatically

Get email reminders delivered straight to your inbox so you can plan ahead and make sure your fleet is kept roadworthy, compliant, and operational.
Vehicle bookings calendar

See all your bookings on the in-app calendar

See all of your vehicle inspections, services, and MOTs in a calendar view lets you see which events are upcoming, and those that have been completed.
Access a fully auditable history

View (and report against) every inspection, service, and MOT

A complete, auditable history is built-up for every vehicle in your fleet. You can export data about inspections, services, and MOTs to analyse performance against targets. Access even more detailed reporting using our Analytics add-on.
Vehicle Inspection Scheduling toolkit

Scheduling for vehicle inspections and servicing

Your all-in-one toolkit for managing vehicle inspections, servicing, and testing schedules.


Create inspection & service schedules

Create recurring bookings to ensure your fleet is maintained and roadworthy.

Create mileage-based inspections

Automatically create inspections bookings for vehicles after set mileage.

Automatic email reminders

Receive automated email notifications for upcoming vehicle bookings.

View vehicle bookings on a calendar

See all your inspections, services, & MOTs in a calendar view.

Report on your servicing

Create, view, and analyse data on your fleet inspections, servicing, & MOTs.
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How it works

Setup and manage inspection schedules

Create and assign schedules by vehicle type
Create your inspection, servicing, & MOT schedules by vehicle type.
Get notified automatically
Automated email reminders and a calendar view mean you won’t forget any bookings.
Complete bookings
Record the result of every booking, build up a full fleet service history and analyse the results.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can create vehicle inspection, service and MOT schedules for your entire fleet on a single calendar and get set up to receive automated email reminders ahead of the due dates so you can get them booked in.

Yes! In Stream, you can easily manage all your fleet bookings by adding the appropriate inspections, services, and MOTs to each of your vehicles.

Yes, Stream will automatically send an email notification of inspections, services and MOTs.

You can add details such as the date each inspection, service and MOT was completed; what the mileage was at each booking; what the result was (and any notes) of that inspection, service or MOT; who carried out the inspection, service and MOT; which garage carried out the booking; when is the next inspection, service or MOT due; any attachments.

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