Driver Management

Manage all of your drivers in a single platform

Use a range of tools to store and manage all driver information, including licence types, licence renewals, and driver skills.

Driver information

Access detailed driver information in one portal

Capture and store detailed records of each of your drivers, including licence types, licence renewal dates, working hours, and any relevant specialist skills.
Assign and manage driver bookings

Ensure drivers aren’t assigned for deliveries if they’re not available

Add driver holidays, training days or even sick days onto the schedule to avoid drivers being assigned to planned runs if they’re unavailable.
Driver workforce

Add, edit, and remove drivers from Stream

Quickly add new drivers to Stream, edit their information, assign them to specific depots, and remove their access if they leave your business.
Driver Management toolkit

Managing your drivers in Stream

All of the features you need to streamline your driver management processes.


Add, edit, and remove drivers

Add, edit, and remove users and drivers in Stream as and when you need.

Record details on each driver

Record driver details such as usual depots, services skills and normal working hours.

Record licence information

Record licence details for your drivers such as renewal dates and the vehicles they can drive.

Prevent unavailable drivers being used

When used with Stream plans, drivers won’t be able to be assigned to runs if they’re unavailable.
“Stream lets us see where every driver and order is and where our deliveries are. For us, the delivery route planning and proof of deliveries are the most valuable parts of Stream.”
SICO (Europe)

How it works

All of your driver information, in one place

Make use of Stream’s features to get on the road to better driver management

Add your drivers (and other users)
Add individual drivers and applicable licence/skills information.
Manage your drivers
Make sure all your driver’s are compliant, keep track of latest skills and manage holidays/training.
Assign drivers to jobs
Ensure only appropriate drivers are assigned to each job based on licence, skills, and availability.


Integrate your existing systems

Connect with some of the most popular business platforms, or build your own integration with Stream, using our API.

Frequently Asked Questions

Driver management software enables you to capture detailed driver information (such as licences, specialist skills, and working hours) and use it to manage your drivers safely and efficiently.

Yes! Keep a detailed record of each of your drivers in Stream, including licence types and licence renewal dates — and get a reminder when licences need to be renewed. You can do the same for other certifications your drivers may need, and you can even record drivers’ working hours and specialist skills, too.

Yes, you can! You might want to export your data as proof of compliance (for example, to show that walkaround checks have been completed) — just export detailed reports containing your driver’s details. You can access even more detailed data and reports about your drivers using our Stream Analytics add-on, and historical data beyond 18 months with the Extended Data Retention add-on.

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