Release Notes

October 2023

A whole new look and feel for the Runs list on the planning screen is amongst the updates arriving in Stream’s October 2023 release.

Release Date

Tuesday 31st October 2023
In this release:


The New Runs List Layout 3269

Get ready for the new-look Runs List on the Advanced Planning screen when this month’s Stream release lands!

There’s a number of beneficial changes for your planning teams that arrive with this new facelift and you can find out all about them on the link below!

See What’s New >>



Use Partner Name instead of Partner ID during Order Upload 4306

During the Order Upload process, you can now use either a Partner Name OR a Partner ID to map your orders to the relevant Business Partner when uploading your order details. Previously it was specifically Partner ID that was required to map your orders to the correct Business Partners.

Order Date is Now Mandatory During Order Upload 4244

The ‘Order Date’ field is now a mandatory field when uploading your orders into Stream. If any orders are uploaded which have an empty ‘Order Date’ field, or include an invalid date, then it will be defaulted to ‘Today’s Date’ when the orders are imported.

Mobile App

Make certain products not require scanning on collection 4038

We’ve added the ability to set specific products to not require scanning when being collected, even when they are required to be scanned on delivery. This is useful in situations where you may be collecting a product that has been left with a customer and the barcode may not be available to be scanned e.g. a home appliance.

You can choose the scanning requirements for individual products on their respective ‘Product Details’ screen using the ‘Scan Not Required’ field.


Additional Security Updates:

  • Logout process improvements for the Stream mobile app 4117


  • Improve performance in the events retrieval process for the Stream mobile app 4374
  • Add an option to include the imported ‘Order Notes’ field on the Tracking screen 4502
  • Improve internal logging in the Public API 4311
  • Optimise API file access 4330
  • Solutions API Update 4182
  • Improve performance in the Public API process that checks if an order already exists 4378
  • Improve handling of webhook processing 4305
  • Improvements to the UI on the ‘Notifications’ screen 3900
  • Change ‘Ackn. Nbr’ column heading to ‘Order Number’ in the Item Detail report 4249
  • Improve performance in the Public API process that checks if a matching address already exists 4370
  • Add an additional field to the Pricing GET service in the Public API 4266
  • Improve storage of system messages 4136


  • Resolve an issue with routing US-based runs in the POST service in the Solutions API 4434
  • Resolve an issue with the validation of the ‘Stock Location’ field for a planned item in the Item PATCH service 4433
  • Resolve issue with the data format used when certain elements are empty in the Order GET response 4427

In this release:

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