Viewing Runs in Advanced Planning

Posted by Rob Spivey on October 9, 2023

We’ve transformed the look and feel of the ‘Runs’ section on the Advanced Planning screen, to make it even easier for your planning team to view the essential information about each of your runs. 

Moving runs into individual rows provides a much cleaner view of the specific details for each run, and also allows you to see more of your planned runs on screen at any given time.



What does the Runs List now show?

  • Runs are displayed in rows, giving clear visibility of information for each of your runs
  • Stream’s run list design makes it possible to see more runs on screen at a time, and making it quicker to view run information at a glance
  • Better visibility of the number of Drops, Distance and Duration for each run
  • The ‘Drivers’ and ‘Vehicles’ modules is now in a single popup window which delivers a much clearer (and faster) experience for assigning vehicles and drivers
  • Individual columns for setting the planning status of the run from Open, Locked or Closed, plus the ability to click the header icon to perform the action on all visible runs 
  • A map icon, which when hovered, displays a visualisation of the route for that particular run
  • If you want to see a comparison of multiple routes at the same time, you can use our Route Comparison feature
  • You can view additional information relating to each of the columns by hovering over the fields in the row


Assigning Vehicles and Drivers

It’s quick and easy to assign drivers and vehicles to your runs. 

Runs without a vehicle or driver assigned will be denoted by a red ‘Unassigned’ message in the respective column. 


To assign a driver or vehicle (or edit, if there is already one assigned), simply click on the field in the respective column and it will open a popup window where you can select the driver and vehicle, and then close the pop up window. 


Any drivers or vehicles that are unavailable on the date and time the run is scheduled will be greyed out in the list.



Open, Lock and Close Runs

Setting the status of a run between Open, Locked or Closed is now performed in the relevant column for each run. 

These are denoted by the three icons Open (Unlocked), Locked and Closed :


This allows you to see the status of more runs at a glance. 

Clicking the Open, Locked and Closed icons in the header will set the status for all the visible runs based on the icon that you click. 

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