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Creating secure passwords

Updated on 11 April 2024

Account security isn’t something that solely applies to your Stream account, it is good practice when using any digital service that you requires you to have some form of log in credentials.

We are a Cyber Essentials Certified Plus company, we take cyber security incredibly seriously.

How to create a secure password

Passwords should be secure, strong, secret and difficult to guess.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that passwords should:

  1. Use Multi Factor Authentication* (MFA) where available and practical 
  2. Not be based on your personal information
  3. Be at least 12 characters long
  4. Contain three of the following four categories:
    • Uppercase characters
    • Lowercase characters
    • Numbers
    • Special characters ~!@#$%^&*_-+=`|\(){}[]:;”‘<>,.?/
  5. Be unique
  6. Not follow a particular keyboard pattern, such as ‘QWERTY’ or ‘123456’
  7. Not be stored in an easily accessible location
  8. Could be based on three memorable random words
    • Example: ThreeRandomWords

Consider using a password generator and storage system e.g. Google Password Manager/LastPass or a secure document to store passwords.

If your password is compromised

If you believe your passwords, user accounts or devices have been seriously compromised (especially physical devices, company Google account, Stream):

  1. Switch off your laptop, PC, phone and any other devices that may have been compromised.
  2. Contact your administrator to get the relevant account suspended or disabled.

Securely accessing cloud services

Where available, multi-factor authentication should be turned ON, especially for any cloud services being used.

Most cloud services offer this option but it is not always the default setting so please apply it where it is offered.

Consider using an authenticator tool, such as Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator.

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