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Deleting a user/driver

Updated on 11 April 2024

If a member of your team leaves the company, it’s really easy to remove a user from Stream.

It is only possible to permanently delete a user’s account if they have never logged into Stream.

You can mark a user as ‘left’, which will remove access to their account, make them unusable in Stream, but keep all the historic data that is linked to their user account.

Here’s how to do just that.

Marking a user as ‘Left

Step 1: Go to ‘Users & Drivers’

From the main menu in the top right corner of Stream, go to ‘Users & Drivers’.

Step 2: Select the User

In the ‘Users’ module on the left hand side, select the user whose account you would like to mark as left.

Step 3: Mark the user as ‘left’

With the user selected, click the ‘Mark as Left’ button in the ‘Details’ module in the middle column.

Please note: It is also possible to suspend a user account from here, which will disable their login access, prevent them being selected in Stream, but without removing their account.


Step 4: Confirm User Removal

When you click ‘Mark as Left’, a popup will appear saying ‘The ‘Left’ date will be set to today and will disable the user. Continue?’

If you’re happy with this, go ahead and click ‘Yes.


Once you press yes you’ll be returned to the ‘Users & Drivers’ screen where you’ll be able to see their profile which now has a red cross on it.

If you’d like to change their ‘Left’ date, you can double click on their profile and update the ‘Left date’ field.

However if you have navigated away from the ‘Users & Drivers’ page before trying to do this, you’ll notice their account has disappeared from the list. See below on how to access the profiles of users you’ve marked as left.

Accessing ‘Left’ user profiles

If for any reason you need to locate the profile of someone who has left at a later date, you can do so by clicking ‘Search’ at the top of the ‘Users’ module, and then changing the ‘Status’ filter to ‘Leaver’ and activating the search. From here you can view the user details to do things like update their left date.

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