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Accessing your Stream Account settings

Updated on 11 April 2024

Why are the Settings hidden?

The Stream settings are hidden by default because they all perform changes that will have a company-wide affect.

If something is changed in error, it could result in severe disruptions to the workflows of your team and cause issues by altering the existing configuration of your Stream account.

Who can access the Settings?

The settings for your account will be configured with you by a member of the Stream support team when your account is initially set up. This allows us to configure the system to work for the unique requirements of your business.

However, we do also appreciate that business requirements change over time and that is why we are making it possible for specific users to be granted access to the Stream settings in their own company account.

Request access to Settings

If you wish to gain access to the settings for your companies Stream account, you will need to make a request to our support team and request access to the settings page.

Contact Support on [email protected] to request access.

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