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Error displayed when routing a run

Updated on 11 April 2024

Stream uses Google’s API to find a route between all of the stops on your run. Sometimes Google is unable to do this, and you will be shown one of the following error codes, and redirected to this page.


This code means there is a problem finding a route between at least two of the stops on the run. This could be due to a temporary road closure, or a stop being unable to be reached by driving.

In the event of a road closure, you will need to find the stop that is causing the problem, and changing the location details. We recommend inserting a suitably close Latitude and Longitude, perhaps at one end of the closed road. You should then be able to route the run successfully.


This code suggests that too many requests have been sent to Google in a short amount of time. You may need to wait a few minutes before trying again.


If you are shown this error, there is a problem sending requests to Google’s servers. If you try again, you should be able to successfully route the run.

Any other code

If you are shown any other error code, please email Stream Support on [email protected], including the name of the run with the problem, and the error code you are shown.

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