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Device data usage

Updated on 11 April 2024

Data usage is something we get asked about quite often when it comes to our mobile app.

This is something that varies from customer to customer, and depends entirely upon how much each individual user is using the app and the actions they are performing.

How much data do I need?

Generally speaking, we recommend that 1GB of data is about the right allowance per month for your device when it’s being used for the Stream mobile app.

However it is always better to have more data than you need, than not enough! So feel free to go for 2GB if you want to be on the safe side.

If a driver runs out of data, it will affect the ability for your customers to track their location and get accurate ETAs while they are completing the run.

What can affect the amount of data I’m using?

As we mentioned at the top, the amount of data used depends entirely on an individuals usage.

The majority of data consumed by the Stream mobile app occurs when photographs are involved, such as for capturing proof of delivery or completing vehicle checks/reporting vehicle defects.

The resolution of the camera being used also has an impact on the amount of data required to send the pictures you’re taking, however we have some measures in place within Stream to compress the file sizes of images being sent to reduce the amount of data being used each time this occurs.

Many of our users push routing information into apps such as Google maps, which also use your data, however it’s estimated that Google Maps only uses about 3 – 5 MB of data per hour of use (which is a lot less than you might think!).

Things that can use additional data when using the Stream mobile app:

  • Capturing multiple photos when performing walkaround checks
  • Capturing multiple photos when reporting defects
  • Capturing multiple photos for proof of delivery

Things that can use additional data outside of the Stream mobile app:

  • Drivers using phones to use other apps/watch videos/play games during their breaks
  • Driving longer routes which require the mobile navigation to be active for longer
  • Using mobile navigation apps with higher data consumption

Can I see how much data the Stream mobile app is using on my device?

Whether you are using an Android or an IOS device, it is possible to see how much data any of your apps is using within the device settings.

Please Note:
This is sometimes based on a period of usage and may require you to reset the ‘current period’ and then view again after a set period of time (for example: reset the period, and then check again after 30 days for an idea of how much data the app is using in a month).

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