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Creating ‘Shell Runs’

Updated on 10 April 2024

Shell Runs are a way for you to create ‘ready to fill’ routes, for a set of vehicles and their drivers, depending on availability.

Using Shell Runs automates a lot of the planning steps involved in creating empty runs.

It saves you time by generating a bunch of empty runs based on availability, ready for you to assign the orders.

How to use Shell Runs in Stream

Step 1: Go to Advanced Planning

From the menu in the top right corner of Stream, click ‘Advanced Planning’.

In Advanced Planning, select ‘Shell Run’ from the Run List ‘Actions’ button (in the top right of ‘Run List’).

Step 2: Create your Shell Runs

Now, set the parameters for your Shell Runs to create multiple empty runs at the same time:

  • Select vehicles (you can create Shell Runs for all your fleet or a single vehicle type, or only vehicles at a specific depot)
  • Choose the Start and End date of the schedule, not the run. For example, a start and end date of 28-30 November will generate a set of runs for 28th November, a set of runs for 29th November, and a set of runs for 30th November
  • Choose the Start time and maximum duration for your runs (for example: Starts at 7am and lasts no longer than eight hours).

This generates an empty run for each date, per available vehicle. It also assigns the driver, provided there is a usual driver assigned to that vehicle, and that driver is available.

Step 3: Assign drivers and orders

If there is not a usual driver assigned to the vehicle, or the usual driver is not available, you can quickly assign available drivers to your shell runs.

Then all you have to do is fill each run with a set of orders.

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