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Unsent data in the mobile app

Updated on 11 April 2024

Upon opening the Stream App, you may notice a round icon containing a number at the top-right of the screen, this icon indicates when there is ‘unsent data’ on the device.


What is unsent data in Stream?

‘Unsent data’ is information that has been captured in the mobile app but has not been able to be passed back to Stream.

Why is there unsent data in the mobile app?

Data (such as Photos, Signatures or Events) can remain ‘unsent’ if the device has poor connectivity when completing actions such as making deliveries or performing checks on vehicles.

What do the the different colours mean on the unsent data icon?

The colour of the background of this icon will change depending on how long the data has remained unsent.

  • If the icon is green then there is currently no unsent data in the mobile app.
  • If the icon is orange then the oldest data on the device is less than an hour old.
  • If the icon is red then the oldest data on the device is more than an hour old. The red icon will begin flashing if the oldest data on the device is more than a day old, indicating that action should be taken to send the data over to Stream.

How to Resolve:

Tapping on the icon will bring up a list of all unsent data remaining on the device:


This will show information about the data itself, such as:

  • The date and time the action took place
  • How many attempts have been made to send the data
  • When the next attempt will be made.

With a good internet connection, you can tap each entry in this list to send it over to Stream.

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