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Order not appearing in Planning

Updated on 11 April 2024

If your order isn’t appearing in the ‘Unplanned’ list of orders, or on the map, on the Advanced Planning screen, there may be a few reasons why.

So here’s the potential reasons and how you can fix them.

Reason 1: Incorrect Search Criteria

The search criteria that you have applied, may include filters which are excluding the order from the results.


  1. Click ‘Search’ at the top of the ‘Unplanned’ module and check your filters.
  2. Change the criteria or clear the search to see if your order appears.

Reason 2: Order hasn’t been confirmed

If your order hasn’t been confirmed (after an upload or after being pushed through the API) then it won’t appear in the unplanned section.


  1. Head to the ‘Order Search’ screen, click ‘Search’ at the top and change the ‘Order Status’ criteria to ‘Unconfirmed’.
  2. Select the orders that need to been confirmed and then click ‘Confirm’ at the bottom.

Reason 3: No Stock Location/On-Hand Date/Delivery Method

If no ‘Stock Location’ and/or ‘On-Hand Date’ have been selected for an item and/or no ‘Delivery Method’ has been selected for the group, then it will not appear in the unplanned section.


  1. Go into the ‘Order Details’ screen for the order
  2. Check and make sure these fields have been populated and correspond to the Delivery Method that you have selected for the run you’re creating.

Reason 4: The order is already allocated to a different run

Head to the ‘Order Search’ screen, locate the order and click into the ‘Order Details’.

Under the ‘Delivery’ section, hover your mouse over the ‘Planned Slot’, this will tell you which delivery the order is allocated to.


  1. Click on the planned slot to be taken to the Advanced Planning screen for that delivery on its allocated run.
  2. Select the delivery and unload it from the run.
  3. The order should then appear in the Unplanned section for you to add it to your new run.

Reason 5: The On-Hand date for an order is in the future

If the On-Hand date on an order is in the future, then it won’t be available in planning because the items are not actually available to deliver yet.


  1. Go into the order and update the ‘On-Hand’ date
  2. OR in the Unplanned section of the Advanced Planning screen, click ‘Search’ and tick the box to show unavailable orders
  3. OR enter a date in the ‘Show unavailable’ date field to show orders that aren’t live yet but will be in the future

Reason 6: The order has already been delivered

If an order has already been delivered, it will not be available for you to add it to a run in Stream.


  1. Head to the ‘Order Search’ screen and locate the order.
  2. Check the delivery status of the order on the ‘Order Details’ screen to see if it has been delivered.
  3. If you think that the order has been marked as delivered by mistake, you can follow our guide on how to fix this here.
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