Release Notes

December 2023

There’s a number of useful improvements coming your way in our December 2023 release of Stream.

Release Date

Wednesday 6th December 2023
In this release:


Option to Make Vehicle Dimensions Mandatory 4207

We’ve added options for making vehicle dimension fields mandatory, which is particularly useful for businesses passing these details into Turn for vehicle-specific navigation.

To enable these settings, just head to Settings > Vehicles and check the fields that you wish to mark as required.


Add the ‘B (AFV)’ Licence Category for alternative fuel vehicles 4395

We’ve added an additional Licence Category, ‘B (AFV)’, for use when setting the licence type for a driver and also when setting the licence requirement against different vehicle types. 

The ‘B (AFV)’ Licence Type is used for drivers who have completed the 5 hours of additional training required before being permitted to operate AFVs from 3,500kg to 4,250kg on public roads. More details are available from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles here.


Confirmation Message for Saving Changes 4450

We’ve added a new confirmation message, which will appear when clicking the ‘Save’ button on the ‘Settings’ screen, to provide visual confirmation that any changes you’ve made have been saved successfully.


  • Add an option to change the default ‘Order Date From’ filter value in Order Search 4399
  • Refactoring Processes 4324 4346 4345 4328 4364 4319 4355 4356 4333 4334 4363 4358


  • Remove unnecessary error emailing in the Unleashed integration 4247
In this release:

Feature of the Month

Route Comparison

Open up to 10 colour-coded routes in a map view, to help visualise any inefficiencies or route overlaps on your planned runs.

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