Navigation for HGVs and Commercial Vehicles


Real-Time Traffic Information and Re-Routing

Ensure Safety & Compliance from Your Drivers

Why Turn?

Always take the right route with vehicle-specific navigation

Turn provides route navigation for your commercial vehicles based on its exact dimensions, to ensure you’re never taken down the wrong road.


Stay on schedule with real-time traffic assistance

Turn displays real-time traffic information in the navigation view and will constantly search for alternative suitable routes that can shave 5+ minutes off your journey.

Ensure safer driving with speeding alerts

Drivers will be alerted with both visual and audio alerts from the Turn app if their vehicle exceeds the speed limit while the navigation is active.


Completely seamless integration with Stream

When using Turn alongside Stream, you don’t need to input any information manually. Destination addresses and vehicle limitations are automatically pulled from Stream to enable swift 2-tap navigation.

Provide accurate destination access information

Any location-specific direction pins created in Stream will be pulled through to the Turn app to make sure drivers are taking the exact route required to access destinations with unique requirements.

Turn Mobile Navigation App Showing Light and Dark Modes

Turn Pricing

Turn is sold as an add-on to your existing Stream subscription and is billed per driver, per month. You can request pricing information for your subscription from our team.

Is Turn right for you?

Are you an existing Stream Customer?

Are you using HGV’s or Commercial Vehicles?

Do you want to ensure safety & compliance?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then Turn could be the perfect fit for your business. 

Turn is currently only available to existing Stream customers and provides safe and accurate route navigation for commercial vehicles where restrictions and limitations affect the route they are able to take, ensuring safe and compliant navigation from point A to point B and every stop in between.

Download the Turn App

The Turn app is available on the Google Play Store for Android users only*, and can be used on both mobile phones and tablets. 

*Only existing Stream customers with an active Turn add-on subscription will be able to access the app once downloaded.

What to expect from Turn

Safe & Compliant Navigation

Be reassured that your drivers won’t take any routes that aren’t suitable for their specific vehicle. 

Modern Interface

Turn comes with a fresh, modern look with an incredibly simple user interface for drivers

Light & Dark Modes

Choose your preferred colour mode and make your screen easier on the eyes when driving in the dark.

Simple Workflow

Turn launches as the navigation from Stream, just like when using Google Maps or CoPilot.

Support & Assistance

We’ll be replicating the same exceptional customer service that you’re used to from our team.

Further Development

We’re working hard to add some incredibly useful features to the Turn app in the future, such as improved customer ETA’s for Stream.

Get a 30-Day FREE Trial of Turn

If you’re interested in a free trial of Turn, fill out the form below and a member of our team will contact you to give you a quick demo and start your free trial of turn to get you on the road to safer, compliant routing and navigation.

30-Day Free Trial includes Turn licences for 2 drivers. Requires an existing Stream Subscription. Not already a Stream subscriber? Click here

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Not yet a Stream subscriber?

If you’re not yet a Stream customer but have found us via Turn, you can check out our two great products, Stream and Stream Check, using the buttons below.



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Stream Check


Stream Check helps you digitise and manage all of your vehicle walkaround checks, defect reporting, and vehicle bookings to ensure issues are picked up before they become a problem and you never miss another service or MOT.