What you can expect from our January 2024 Release

calendar-24pxRelease Date: Wednesday 31st January 2024

Mobile App

Incorrect Mileage Warning 3992


A warning message will now be displayed in the mobile app if Stream has detected that an incorrect mileage may have been entered at the start of the vehicle walkaround check process. 

Drivers will be asked to confirm whether this is correct before proceeding, and the warning may be displayed again if the mileage entered is significantly greater than the current recorded mileage on the vehicle.


New Fields for Vehicle Analytics 4309


We’ve added several new fields to the ‘Vehicles’ Analytics table to improve the data you’re able to view in Stream Analytics, including: 

  • Acquisition Date 
  • Created in Stream Date
  • Disposal Mileage

Learn more about Stream Analytics >>


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) added to Stream 3968


We’ve now added an option to apply Multi-Factor Authentication for users logging into the Stream Desktop site, we will be adding MFA for the drivers app as a separate option in the near future.

MFA can be enabled by your admin users in Stream Settings, however, once enabled it cannot be removed.

Authentication can be performed either by email, or by using an authenticator app.

For further information on MFA and how to set it up, check out our Knowledge Base article below.

Multi-Factor Authentication in Stream >>


  • Improved logout handling in the mobile app 3580
  • Add an option to use externally generated ETAs in the Solutions API 4182
  • Allow updates in external systems when marking orders as shipped in the Veeqo integration 4507
  • Added ‘Tracking Link’ column to the ‘Partner Open Orders’ export 4541
  • Added ‘Location Notes’ to the ‘Delivery List’ print 4412
  • Added ‘Quantity’ column to the ‘Loading List’ export 4411
  • Add a new Container Type, and related validation, for ‘Controlled Drug’ containers in the mobile app 4516
  • Added two new fields to the Sage export file for a specific Stream subscriber 4518
  • Change to ‘Order Summary’ document for specific Stream subscriber 4540


  • Resolve an issue with the sequence of ‘add item’ and ‘collection’ events when adding an item using scanning in the mobile app 4558

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