Release Notes

February 2024

There’s some useful improvements coming your way in our February 2024 release, including what3words addresses for more accurate deliveries & collections.

Release Date

Wednesday 28th February 2024
In this release:


Improve the accuracy of addresses using what3words 4469

You can now apply what3words addresses for more accurate locations on deliveries and collections.

Using a what3words address on an order helps provide drivers with 3x3m specific locations, enabling them to be more efficient and more accurate when making their deliveries/collections. 

Find out how to add what3words addresses to your Stream orders using our helpful guide below.

Using what3words in Stream >> 

Note: the ability to pass what3words addresses into Stream via the API will be coming in the future!

Use Product SKU as Barcode/QR code 4607

We’ve added an option in Settings that will allow you to use the Product SKU number as the Barcode/QR code value, which can then be displayed on your labels when printed. 

To enable this, go to Main Menu > Settings > Documents & Reporting, then scroll down to the ‘Labels’ section and check the box next to ‘Use the product SKU for the barcode value’


Actions dropdown improvements 4470

We’ve updated the ‘Actions’ dropdown lists on the planning screen: in the Runs, Unplanned, and Selected Run sections. 

We’ve removed some unnecessary actions, moved some actions, and updated the informative tooltips that are displayed when hovering over buttons. 

Actions that have changed:

  • ‘Copy Run’, ‘Delete Run’ and ‘Telematics’ have been moved to the ‘Selected Run’ section as these actions only relate to the individual run. 
  • ‘Close All’, ‘Open All’ and ‘Lock All’ have been removed and this action can now be performed by clicking the relevant icon buttons in the header row of the Runs list. 
  • ‘Driver Sort’ has been removed and sorting by Driver ID can now be done by clicking the ‘Driver’ column heading


  • Added a ‘Using Turn’ column to the Users & Drivers export 4410
  • Add an option to specify ‘authorization header’ during the webhook subscription process 4414
  • Add a new optional Planned Date column to the Charges Export report 4487
  • Refactor the process for retrieving data for the selected run 4354
  • Improve iOS App handling of offline images 4627


  • Resolved an issue with the Proof of Delivery (POD) button not appearing on the tracking screen when viewed on a mobile device 4535
  • Resolved an occasional validation issue when updating the ‘Stock Location’ and ‘On Hand Date’ fields in the Public API ‘Item PATCH’ endpoint 4565
  • Resolved an issue with multi-selecting rows when using Apple devices/keyboards 4564
  • Resolved an issue with ‘Run Speed Variance being’ set to ‘0’ when unassigning a vehicle in Advanced Planning 4537
  • Resolved an issue with saving a run with no vehicle type has been selected in Advanced Planning 4615
  • Resolved an occasional rounding issue during the Vehicle Upload process in Vehicle Details 4515
  • Turn off MFA by default for new environments and resolve dropdown issues 3968
In this release:

Feature of the Month

Order Status Updates on the Day of Delivery

Use the Order Monitor to view status updates for all orders on the day of delivery, including planned vs actual arrival and delivery times.

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