Keep everything in your logistics operation under control with Stream’s driver & vehicle tracking

With progress monitors available for order, driver and vehicle tracking you can easily see a visual overview of all that’s happening  on the day of delivery and manage any problems quickly and efficiently before they become a major issue.  

Are you interested in finding out about delivery tracking screens and customer notifications?
Check out real-time order and delivery tracking


Real-time visibility of drivers, vehicles and deliveries


Manage by exception & keep customers happy with proactive intervention


Simple ‘traffic light’ colour codes for at-a-glance viewing

Want real-time driver and vehicle tracking on the day of delivery?

Stream makes it easy.

Real-time visibility of your entire logistics operation

Stream’s progress monitors for vehicles and orders give you a real-time status overview of your drivers, vehicles and the run they’re completing on the day of delivery. 


Keep customers happy with proactive engagement

Being able to see any delays, or drivers running behind schedule in real-time, allows you to proactively contact customers and advise them of revised ETAs or provide updates about they’re delivery so they’re not left wondering where their order is once their ETA has passed.

Simple ‘traffic light’ colour code for at-a-glance order & vehicle tracking

No matter whether you’re viewing the driver pins on the map, or looking at the order monitor,, our simple ‘traffic light’ colour coding of red, amber and green lets you quickly and easily see the status of your drivers and their deliveries in real time.


Hover over driver pins for more detailed information

When using the vehicle monitor map, you can simply hover over any vehicle that’s shown to give a more in depth look at the status of the drivers run, including: how far behind schedule they are, start and end times for the run and how many stops they’ve completed so far.

Designed for clear driver & vehicle tracking on the day of delivery

Our monitoring and tracking screens have all been designed to give you at-a-glance visibility on the day of delivery and they’re perfectly suited to being displayed on a big screen on the wall of your office.


Why Stream is Right for Your Business

Stream was designed with a customer-first approach, in order to help you offer superior service and grow your brand’s reputation.

You, your customers and your partners all have complete visibility over your orders, as well as being provided with automated updates, all in real-time.

Cut down on paperwork and admin time

Reduce the risk of mistakes and lost paperwork

Get complete traceability of all your orders & deliveries

Stream makes it incredibly easy to gather the information you need about every delivery or collection, giving you real-time visibility of your entire delivery operation. 

Stream Pricing

Stream is priced on a subscription model and is based on the number of vehicles your company is using. As a result, Stream scales with your business as it grows!


Level up your operation

Ready for vehicle tracking and real-time visibility of all your orders on the day of delivery?


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What Else Stream Delivers

There’s so much more that Stream has to offer, than just real-time order and delivery tracking.


Route Planning & Optimisation

Plan, optimise and manage delivery & collection routes, taking into account locations, traffic, total route times, vehicle capabilities as well as many other factors.

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Record electronic proof of delivery time, date, location, signatures, photos & notes

Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) and Collection

Drivers can use the Stream Mobile App to capture electronic Proof of Delivery. For example recording signatures, notes and photographs, that are viewable on tracking links.

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Stream offers powerful order management & search and as a result you can quickly find any specific order using a range of search criteria.

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Order & Delivery Tracking for Customers

Customers can track and view their order and delivery status in real-time, receiving updates via email, SMS and on their tracking link at every stage of the process.

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Walkaround Checks & Defect Reporting Built In

Drivers use the Stream Mobile App to complete walkaround checks and report defects. As a result you can identify and resolve problems before they become an issue.

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Back Office Integrations with your Business Tools

Stream has a wide range of existing integrations with popular business tools, or you can alternatively build your own unique integration with access to our Stream API

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Get Even More from Stream

Check out the range of add-ons we have available to help you get even more out of Stream.

Build your own dashboards, reports & KPIs. Digitise more of your paper-based forms. Or even get HGV & commercial vehicle specific turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

Can I monitor driver progress in Stream?

Yes! Stream’s Vehicle Monitor allows you to see a visual overview of all of your drivers on the day of delivery, with their locations marked by pins on a map. You can then click on the pins to see more information about the run that the driver is performing.

Do delivery ETAs update in real-time?

Yes! Instead of just having one ETA (estimated time of arrival) at the time of planning, delivery ETAs update throughout the day, as drivers and vehicles make progress on their run.

Should I constantly monitor vehicles & drivers throughout the day?

It’s a good idea to keep an eye on vehicles and drivers throughout the day so that you can proactively manage any issues that come up, but you don’t have to spend all day watching them. Stream’s vehicle & driver tracking uses a handy traffic-light system, so potential issues are flagged and you can see them at a glance.

Does Stream monitor driver behaviour and performance?

In short, no. Stream does give you the ability to monitor driver performance as it relates to the delivery run they are completing. However, it does not provide data on their performance as it relates to the vehicle that they are driving.