Release Notes

April 2024

There’s a number of small, but mighty, improvements, coming your way in our April 2024 release of Stream.

Release Date

Tuesday 30th April 2024

The updates will appear in Stream at 6:00pm on the date of release.

In this release:



  • Add an option to update a delivery method for an order in Unleashed when a run is closed in Stream 4654
  • Improve address handling where more than one customer address exists 4385
  • Add an option to bring the batch number into Stream 4621


  • Improve request control process 4303

Mobile App

  • Add the ‘Customer Reference’ field value to the ‘Scan by Stop’ screen in the mobile app 4587


  • Combine Public API and Solutions API documentation 4644
  • Add an option to pass the total distance for a run in the Solutions POST API endpoint 4609


  • Increase the character limit for the ‘Name’ field in the Locations popup 4648
  • Add additional fields to the ‘Addresses’ export 4536
  • Performance improvements in the process that deletes orders 4582
  • Performance improvements in the process that checks for an existing order 4581
  • Remove unnecessary logging in Analytics orders extract process 4660


  • Resolve an issue with the ‘Drops Completed’ count in the Runs section, when drops are processed out of sequence 4622
  • Resolve an issue with cancelled item sequences in the Item POST API endpoint 4503
  • Remove unnecessary ‘Required Time’ warning appearing in Advanced Planning 4695
  • Resolve an issue with MFA availability 4625
  • Resolve an occasional issue with handling extremely large item weight/cube 3704
  • Resolve an issue with long item notes not formatting correctly on labels 4233
  • Resolve an issue where it referred to ‘delivery’ for a collection order in the tracking screen 4688
In this release:

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