What you can expect from our September 2023 release in Stream

New features, improvements and fixes. Here’s everything you can expect this month when Stream’s September 2023 release lands.

Release Dates:

calendar-24pxLive Release Date: Thursday 28th September 2023

calendar-24pxDowntime: Saturday 30th September 2023 (6:00pm BST for up to 45 Mins)

All items listed below are subject to release approval. The content of this page may change in the days prior to the official release dates.


Create Runs Based On Fleet and Driver Availability 4004


We’ve added the ability to create empty, availability-based runs on the Advanced Planning screen in Stream. Classed as “Shell Runs”, this option will create a series of runs based on the Vehicles and Drivers available (and the Vehicle Type selected) on a given date. Stream will also use the ‘Usual Driver’ field from the vehicle to assign the drivers to the runs.

You can generate these ready-to-fill runs by going to Actions > Shell Runs in the ‘Runs’ section of the Advanced Planning screen, and once these are created you can add your unplanned orders to the runs as normal.


Mobile App

Show Item Notes in the Mobile App 4017


We’ve added individual item notes into the mobile app to be visible on both the ‘Items’ screen for a stop, as well as the ‘Scan Items’ pop up when using the scanning functionality in the mobile app (highlighted in blue text as shown in the screenshots below)


Show Password on Login Screen 3642


We’ve added the ability to show/hide the characters that have been typed into the password field in the mobile to help users enter their password correctly before submitting.

Remove the ‘Part Delivered’ Option 4219


We’ve added an option to remove the ‘Part Delivered’ and ‘Part Collected’ options, which appear in the dropdown menu when processing items in the mobile app. The option to remove these can be turned on from the ‘Mobile App’ tab on the ‘Settings’ screen.


  • Generate extra audit trail events against runs 4232
  • Clarification on what marking a vehicle as “Check only” means 4254
  • Provide improved notifications for failed SMS messages 3814
  • Add a new external reference to Order GET service 3690
  • Add a new External Address ID reference field 3691
  • Add a subscriber-specific field to Order GET response 3693
  • Add ‘External Client ID’ and ‘External Address ID’ to the ‘Stops’ section in the ‘Run GET’ service in the Public API 4095
  • Add additional data to the Order GET response for a specific Stream subscriber 4206
  • Accept secondary and tertiary vehicles in the “Create a planning solution” POST endpoint in the Solutions Public API 4215
  • Add a subscriber-specific extract file 4337
  • Show the delivery date in Tracking even when an email/text has not been sent 4065
  • Add a new small label format with limited information 4312
  • Do not show planned stops without a location in the Teletrac Navman integration view 2773
  • Improve the ‘Unload All’ process when certain collections/deliveries can’t be unloaded 3544
  • Adjust the password reset notification process in the mobile app 3663
  • Improve robustness and error reporting of the image transfer process in the mobile app 4243
  • Remove file overheads that are no longer needed 4379 4380
  • Improvements to internal system logging 3466
  • FTP process improvements 4220
  • Infrastructure robustness improvements 4304


  • Apply certificate authentication & improve jailbreak detection in the mobile app 4116


  • Fix issue where a vehicle defect could be incorrectly reopened after resolution 4129
  • Change the internal email reference being used 3582
  • Resolve an issue with the ‘press to refresh’ button on the ‘Runs’ screen in the mobile app 3827
  • Resolve an occasional comparison issue with existing products in product upload 3535
  • Subscriber-specific External Address ID update 3692

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