What you can expect from our March 2024 Release

calendar-24pxRelease Date: Wednesday 27th March 2024

All items listed below are subject to release approval. The content of this page may change in the days prior to the official release dates.


New ‘Runs’ Insights 4198


We’ve added a new ‘Delivery Runs’ dashboard to the ‘Insights’ screen (previously called the ‘Charts’ screen), which allows you to see data insights about the runs that you have planned and completed in Stream.


To view the Runs dashboard, go to Menu > Insights and then click the dropdown menu in the top left and select ‘Delivery Runs’.

This dashboard will show you the following data for the specified date period (which is set to the last 7 days by default):

  • Number of orders completed
  • Number of planned orders not completed
  • Scorecards
    Stats overview for your delivery runs, including: 
    • Number of runs planned
    • Number of vehicles used on runs
    • Average number of orders per run
    • Percentage of planned orders completed
    • Number of planned orders completed
    • Number of orders not yet completed. 
  • Number runs planned
  • Average run duration
  • Average run distance

Please Note:
Due to the type of information shown, the ‘Insights’ menu option will not be given to every user by default. To be given access, your Stream administrator will need to go to your User profile, and enable ‘Insights’ in the Custom Settings menu. If you require more advice on how to do this, please contact Stream support


  • Add Route and Sequence to Solutions Allocations GET 4600
  • Add an option to specify the ‘Authorization Header’ during the webhook subscription process 4414
  • Log an event when adding/removing a ‘Service’ on an order 4567
  • Add optional account number field to the Order Upload 4602
  • Allow an order to be cancelled after items on the order have been manually marked as ‘Undelivered’ 4271
  • Add an option to update a ‘Delivery Method’ for an order in Unleashed when a run is closed in Stream 4654
  • Improve internal error reporting in the Unleashed integration 4599
  • Improve performance of the asset file loading on login 4071


  • Resolve a layout issue with the header search bar when using Stream on higher resolution displays 4474
  • Resolve an issue with creating runs in an account where no vehicles exist 4559
  • SQL processing updates 4143

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