Introduction to Stream Check

This video introduces Stream Check, the vehicle maintenance & driver management software.

Stream Check is cloud-based & accessed via the internet using a browser on any device. It is fully integrated with Stream Go. Download the driver app on any Android or iOS phone or on Zebra’s ruggedised devices.

Keep your vehicles roadworthy and compliant.

Driver Walkaround Checks

Record details & get an overview of vehicles, check & defect history, bookings and driver details.

Checks are completed on a mobile device.

Drivers login and search, scan or select a vehicle. In the App, they can view:

  • Vehicle details
  • Vehicle status
  • Most recent checks
  • Check details

Drivers also perform their daily walkaround checks in the App:

  • Enter the mileage
  • Tick if the check item is not defective (ie. if it is in safe working order)
  • Cross if the check item is defective
  • The defect type is recorded and, if configured, notes and a photo are required
  • All the check items are inspected, and defects are recorded and reported

If defects are reported, the driver will be notified, and if there are no major defects the driver can continue.

The 7 most recent checks can be viewed when required for roadside inspections.

Engineer Profile

Record & report defects via the app during inspections or daily walkaround checks.

Get notifications when a defect is reported. View details immediately & order parts in advance.

Assess the defect, add estimated resolution dates & get vehicles back on the road as soon as possible.

Engineers and managers are notified via App or email.

In the App, engineers can manage vehicles and defects, and sign-off defects as resolved.

Vehicle Management Module

Use the vehicle management module to manage defects through to resolution:

  • Select the vehicle
  • Select the defect
  • Defects can be managed
  • Resolution dates can be added
  • Defects can be resolved

Additionally, from the vehicle management module, you can see an overview of vehicle details, including:

  • A list of vehicles
  • Individual vehicle details
  • Check history
  • Check details
  • Vehicle bookings

You can also:

  • Easily search and view by booking, defect or vehicle
  • View, edit, add or dispose of vehicles
  • View, manage and add vehicle bookings
  • View historical check details, and export them as a report in Excel

Vehicle bookings

Automatic booking schedules ensure vehicles never miss an inspection, MOT or service booking.

Vehicle bookings can be viewed visually in weekly or monthly calendar or list views.

Vehicle Types

  • Customise vehicle types and capacities
  • Create checklists and maintain checks by vehicle type
  • Create key dates for each vehicle type

Driver Management Module

Use the driver management module to view, add or manage driver details.

Get an overview of drivers in the driver management screen, including:

  • A list of all drivers
  • Drivers’ regular working hours
  • Drivers’ unavailability
  • Allocated routes
  • Documents and details for each driver

You can also add drivers and adjust their details, and search drivers by name, licence and availability.

The result?

  • No more paperwork to wait for lose, or damage
  • Less time and resource spent on administration
  • Reduced risk of costly repairs and time off-the-road
  • Improved compliance record
  • And a fleet of roadworthy and reliable vehicles