Schedule Inspections & Bookings Automatically

Automatic inspection and booking scheduling is part of Stream Check. It enables you to:

  • Easily create booking schedules based on vehicle type
  • Assign booking and inspection schedules to each vehicle
  • Populate the schedules for each vehicle, (based on date and/or mileage

Using Stream Check to Schedule Inspections & Bookings Automatically

Save the time and headache of manually planning schedules for inspections, servicing, MOTs, etc.

Make compliance easier, cut out paperwork and ensure vehicles never miss a booking.

Stream Check automatically creates bookings and reminders, based on date and mileage. For example, you can configure Stream Check to send you a reminder by email for:

  • MOT due dates, i.e. 1st December
  • Service due dates (i.e. 5th January) or at specific mileage (i.e. 21,050 miles)
  • Six-weekly inspections due on specific dates, i.e. 5th December, 16th January, 27th February.

Setting up inspection and booking schedules for specific vehicle types

Start by selecting the Vehicle Types Management module from the menu. Select the vehicle type from the top left of the screen.

In the top right of the screen, you can drag and drop an available booking to select and apply it to the vehicle type. If the booking isn’t available, you can create a new booking type. Add or edit existing booking types, and save when finished.

Creating new vehicles and defining new bookings

Start by selecting the Vehicle Details module from the menu. New and existing vehicles get an empty booking schedule ready to update, based on vehicle type.

Booking schedules that are ready to update with the initial date or mileage are highlighted with a red flag.

Enter the initial date or mileage for each booking and the rest of the schedule is automatically created, populated with the date or mileage of upcoming bookings. When a booking is updated or completed the future schedule automatically updates too.

Reminders will be sent via email, and you can select the bookings view (in the Vehicle Details screen) to get an overview of all bookings.