Our ePOD (electronic Proof of Delivery) functionality



Preparing orders for electronic proof of delivery:

  • Plan and optimise routes in the advanced load planning module
  • Emails and text messages are sent to customers with a tracking link
  • The customer accepts (or reschedules) the delivery time
  • The customer can then view the ETA (estimated time of arrival)

Once the delivery has been made, drivers capture electronic proof of delivery, using the Stream mobile driver app.

In the app:

  • Select an order
  • Record any issues
  • Capture a signature
  • Capture an image
  • Complete delivery

Once the item has been delivered, the driver can continue on their run.

The tracking screen is updated in real-time and the proof of delivery is available online.

Electronic proof of delivery allows your team to improve customer service levels by keeping customers in the loop about deliveries, while simultaneously improving operational efficiency by cutting manual paperwork.

Electronic proof of delivery offers complete visibility throughout the delivery process, for both your team and your customers. With more visibility over their orders, customers are less likely to call looking for support, and when they do, customer service staff will be able to quickly and accurately respond.

Drivers collect information about every delivery, wither it was successful, failed/missed or with issues. It is easy to solve queries and disputes when they occur, as drivers collect:

  • Date, time and GPS-location data with pinpoint accuracy
  • Any order issues, like minor damage
  • Any delivery issues, like a late delivery
  • Photos, which could include damage or photos of the delivery in place
  • Signatures, via sign-on-glass technology
  • Barcode scans, if your business is set up to include barcode scanning
  • The status of the current delivery

Easily capture Proof of Delivery using the Stream Go mobile driver app. Record signatures, photographs and notes stamped with the time, date and location, and securely send that information to customers, partners, back-office staff, and anyone else who requires it.

Learn more about electronic proof of delivery here.