Stream Check Driver Daily Walkaround Checks App

The driver daily walkaround checks app is part of Stream Check. Using a mobile app for daily walkaround checks allows drivers to:

  • Complete walkaround checks
  • Report defects & resolve issues


Drivers complete the checks on their mobile device. From the app, drivers can

  • Scan, search or select a vehicle
  • View vehicle details and current status
  • View the most recent checks for that vehicle
  • Select a previous check to view the check details
  • Complete their vehicle checks:
    • Select check type
    • Enter the vehicle’s mileage
    • Inspect each check item on the vehicle. The items included in each vehicle check are configurable, so they can be added to or changed, depending on the vehicle type, inspection type, or business needs.
    • As each item is inspected, drivers mark it in the app with either:
      • A tick if the item is not defective (i.e. if it is in full working order)
      • A cross if the item is defective (i.e. if there is any problem or issue with it)
        • Drivers then select the defect type from a configurable list of common defects (including, for example, whether the vehicle is usable or unusable)
        • Drivers can then add notes and a photo of the defect – this also configurable, to make notes and photos required
        • And confirm the defect as complete
    • Drivers then continue making their checks, until all check items have been inspected and marked with either a tick or a cross
  • When the checks are complete, drivers record who they reported any defects to and who signed off the checks, and submit.

If defects have been reported, the driver will receive a notification. If there are no major defects, and the vehicle is marked as usable, the driver can continue.

Engineers and fleet managers will receive notification of defects via the mobile app, or via email.

Fleet managers can then log into the cloud-based vehicle management module.

The module has a responsive design, so with will resize automatically on a mobile or tablet, or stretch across a dual-screen setup. We recommend using the Chrome or Firefox browsers, on single or dual HD 1920 x 1080 monitors.

In the vehicle management module:

  • Fleet managers can select the vehicle and the defect
  • Defects can be managed and resolution dates can be added
  • Defects can be resolved and information recorded
  • Check and defect history stays with the vehicle

About stream Check

Replace your paper-based walkaround checks & defect reporting.

Capture walkaround checks in our mobile App. Report & manage defects. Never miss another inspection or service. Keep your vehicles, assets & plant machinery compliant, operational & roadworthy.