Driver Quick Start Guide

Use the navigation options below to check out our handy video guides which show you how to perform the various Driver functions within the Stream mobile app.

Downloading the App & Logging In

✅ Stream
✅ Stream Check

Download the Stream mobile app
You can download the Stream mobile app on the Google Play Store for Android devices and on the App Store for iOS devices.


Read the full guides: Downloading   Logging In  |  Difficulty Logging in

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Completing Deliveries & Collections

✅ Stream
❌ Stream Check

Read the full guide: Perform Runs, Deliveries & Collections

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Completing Walkaround Checks

✅ Stream
✅ Stream Check

Read the full guide: Completing Walkaround Checks

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Reporting Defects

✅ Stream
✅ Stream Check

Read the full guide: Reporting Defects

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Additional Support:

If you require any additional support using the Stream Mobile App, please contact your system administrator.

About the Stream Mobile App

The Stream Mobile App is designed to make Driver’s lives easier when completing walkaround checks, reporting defects and performing deliveries and collections.

The features available inside the Stream mobile app will depend whether your company is using either the full version of Stream, or Stream Check, however it is the same app that is used for both. Find out which you are using.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Stream and Stream Check?

Stream is used for:
Route navigation, making deliveries & collections and capturing electronic proof of delivery.

Stream Check is used for:
Completing walkaround checks and Reporting defects

Are there help guides available for Stream?

Each of the chapters above has links to the associated articles for drivers and using the Stream mobile app, but our knowledge base contains plenty of useful guides here if you ever get stuck.

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